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Black Globe International PAGEANTS

Black Globe International Pageant is the most prestigious pageant for Black Women all across the globe! We are searching for directors and queens across Africa.

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Created: 8th Aug 2010
Modified: 8th Aug 2010
Professional Information

Biographical Information
Black Globe International PAGEANTS
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Jun/5/1971
Gender: female
  City: Corp Headquarters: San Diego, California, USA
Tel: 1-619-663-9469
Website: http://www.Bla...
Place of Origin: United States

“Black women are the most beautiful women in the world and Black Globe International Pageants recognizes us as the queens that we are!” States president and founder, Ms. Stephvanie.  Our system is unique because we crown 4 queens: Miss Teen Black Globe International age 13 to 17, Miss Black Globe International age 19 to 39, Ms. Black Globe International age 40 and better as well as Mrs. Black Globe International, married and age 21 or better. As Black Globe International queens, our title holders are great examples of elegance and strength for ladies all across the globe.


We know that Black ladies get better with time so we include the ladies who would not qualify for other pageants due to age restrictions or family standing. Black women are beautiful, fashionable, and very well spoken far into their 50’s and better as well as after starting a family. It is an honor and a pleasure to reward beautiful Black wives, mothers, grandmothers as well as students and teens with the royal treatment that they deserve.  


Black Globe International Pageants are looking for pageant directors of countries across Africa. We are searching for queens that will represent their country with elegance, style, and intelligence while competing to become recognized as the most beautiful Black women in the world. 

Will you bring this honor to your country? Join the Black Globe International Pageant family today. Fill out he forms to get more information at our website:  Also, please add us to your myspace, facebook and allafrica accounts today.


We look forward to crowning you.



Recognized as 2009 TOP Glamour Business in the U.S.

Other Accomplishments:

Successful Pageant Extravaganza to be held in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A August 2011.

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