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Kodjo Amegnisso Tossou

Kodjo Amegnisso Tossou is a Togolese Politician and president of Togolese Liberal Party (PLT). A businessman by training,in 1990,he founded the Association of the Struggle agaist...

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Created: 19th May 2010
Modified: 2nd Aug 2011
Professional Information
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General manager
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Kodjo Amegnisso Tossou was born in Sokode,Togo and he studied in Dakar-Senegal at Sheck Anta Diop's University , where he received a degree in organizational management . After working for number of pharmacies in Togo, he established a network of businesses in West-Africa as representative of high-tech goods, representing brands from Europe, doing import for its own as well as import-export for third parties.

Kodjo Amegnisso Tossou founded World Aid for Children,Inc after a visit to the western Region of Sudan in 1992. "I saw many orphaned children hunted by heartless soldiers in Sudan's civil war; if they escape, the roam the desert looking for something to eat. They are starving. It's easy to feel compassion for children in countries where catastrophes have isolated many people" says Kodjo Amegnisso Tossou.

As founder and CEO of World Aid for Children, Inc , Kodjo Amegnisso Tossou has spent much of his career supporting, educating, serving and representing the needs of disadvantaged children. He serves to help disadvantaged children to become self-sufficient through educational and vocational training.

Biographical Information
Kodjo Amegnisso Tossou
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Dec/24/1966
Gender: male
  6103 Manor Road
  City: Austin,Texas (USA)
Tel: (512) 927-0525
Website: http://www.wor...
Place of Origin: Togo

Kodjo Amegnisso Tossou is a togolese politician and president of Togolese Liberal Party (PLT). A businessman by training, in 1990 he founded the Association of the struggle against unemployment. In 1991 during a period of political liberalisation he was a delegate to the sovereign national conference. In December 1991 he went into exile in Dakar,Senegal. He returned to Togo in April 1992 and founded the Togolese Liberal party (PLT). He was selected national president of the Party (PLT). Kodjo remained a strong opponent of the regimes of Eyadema and his son Faure Gnassigbe. In January 1994 he went into exile again and lived in Austin,Texas(USA).