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Grace Naledi Mandisa Pandor

South Africa

Minister of Science and Technology

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Created: 14th May 2009
Modified: 6th Dec 2011
Professional Information
Professional Areas:
Science and Technology
Government of South Africa
Minister of Science and Technology
Working primarily in:
South Africa

Biographical Information
Grace Naledi Mandisa Pandor
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Dec/7/1953
Gender: female
Place of Origin: South Africa

Current Positions

    * Minister of Science and Technology of the Republic of South Africa since 11 May 2009.
    * Member of the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress (ANC).
    * Member of Parliament since 1994.

Academic Qualifications

    * Matriculated from Gaborone Secondary School in Botswana (1972).
    * Bachelor of Arts degree and CCE from University of Lesoto, Botswana and Swaziland (1973 - 1977).
    * Diploma in Education from the University of London (1977 - 1978).
    * Masters degree in Education from University of London (1978 - 1979).
    * Diploma in Higher Education, Administration and Leadership from Bryn Mawr Summer Programme (HERS) (1992).
    * Diploma in Leadership in Development, Kennedy School of Government, University of Havard (1997).
    * Masters degree in General Linguistics from University of Stellenbosch (1997).

Career/Memberships/Positions/Other Activities

    * Minister of Education of the Republic of South Africa (29 April 2004 - 10 May 2009).
    * Member of the Council of thr University of Fort Hare (2002 - 2004).
    * Chancellor of Cape Technikon (2002 - 2004).
    * Member of the ANC NEC and member of sub-committees on Education, Communications, Archives and Political Education (2000).
    * Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) (1999 - 2004).
    * Deputy Chairperson of the NCOP (1998 - 1999).
    * ANC Deputy Chief Whip in the National Assembly (1995 - 1998).
    * Chair of the Tertiary Education Fund of South Africa (TEFSA)(1995 - 1997).
    * ANC Whip in the Naional Assembly (1994 - 1995).
    * Served on the Portfolio Committee on Education; convener of a sub-committee on higher education (1994).
    * Deputy Chair of Joint Education Trust Board of Trustees (1993 - 2001).
    * Deputy Chair of TEFSA (1992 - 1995).
    * Chair of the Western Cape School Building Trust (1992 - 1998).
    * Executive Chair of the Desmond Tutu Education Trust (1992 - 1994).
    * ANC Chair for Athlone Central branch (1992 - 1994).
    * Member of ANC Western Cape Education Committee (1991 - 1995).
    * Chair of Western Cape NEC of the National Education Coordination Committee (NECC) (1991 - 1993).
    * Senior Lecturer in the Academic Support Programme at the University of Cape Town (1989 - 1994).
    * Chair of the Union of Democratic Staff Associations at the University of Bophuthatswana, Mafikeng (1988 - 1990).
    * Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Bophuthatswana (1986 - 1989).
    * Senior Lecturer in Teacher Education at the Taung College of Education (1984 - 1986).
    * School teacher in Gaberone, Botswana (1981 - 1984).
    * School teacher in Ernest Bevin School, London (1980).

Source: Ministry of Education

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