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J. E. Ukonga

Joseph Eshimakuni Ukonga Entrepreneur Chicago, IL. USA

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Created: 6th Jan 2009
Modified: 6th Jan 2009
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Working to bring global awareness and attention to Africa on critical issues threatening the existence of Africa. As Africa continued to struggle with post colonial expolitation, Hunger and starvation, malaria and more, and most recently the catastrophe of HIV/AIDS. 

It is my believe that the nature of our new global economies has also imposed on the rest of the world an inherent responsibility of geo-economic political interdependency. It is unacceptable that millions of people die each year of basic surmountable courses while the rest of the civilize world ignores  Africa and its escalated death tolls. Needless to remind our global technological market place, "annihilated Africa is annihilated world" 


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J. E. Ukonga
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Date of Birth: Feb/31/1966
Gender: male
Website: http://www.dci...
Place of Origin: Nigeria

Born in a remote  hillside  village of Igarra, Akoko Edo, north of Auchi south of Lokoja. Spoke a unique dialect  similar to the Egbira tribe of Okene. Igarra a highly culturally active village was an adventurous place to grow up. The sweet memories  of communal living, giving and   festivities are simply indelible. I am profoundly thankful, as I draw all of my strength and endurance from the experieces of this beautiful suny poor desolate hilly land called home. 

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