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Gerald Pickford

Gerald co-founded VoiceIP Solutions, a telecommunications company in Seattle, USA. Since 2006, Gerald has been involved with a number of ICT projects in Africa.

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Created: 3rd Jan 2009
Modified: 7th Jan 2009
Professional Information
Voice IP Solutions, LLC

Description of Work:

VoiceIP Solutions is an Asterisk Open Source telecommunications integrator based in Seattle, USA.  Asterisk is a free (Linux based) telecommunications software platform that can provide business, governments and NGOs with telephone service (PBX), interactive voice response (IVR) and other customized voice applications, saving them substantial amounts of money.

VoiceIP Solutions provides companies with the expertise needed to successfully deploy Asterisk enabled telephone systems and voice application servers in their environments, to meet their specific needs.  The firm is a Polycom Certified Reseller, providing a complete line of high-quality SoundPoint VoIP telephones. 

VoiceIP Solutions can provide complete "turn-key" telephone systems or can act as a consultancy.   The firm has a technical staff that can provide custom integration and programming, along with onsite installation and training.

VoiceIP Solutions is currently seeking additional business opportunities in Africa.  The firm currently has a representative in Rwanda and is hoping to create additional business relationships in that area.

Biographical Information
Gerald Pickford
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: //
Gender: male
Interests: ICT, Telecommunications
  1122 East Pike Street, #1145
  City: Seattle, WA 98122, USA
Tel: +1 206-625-0545
Website: http://www.voi...
Place of Origin: United States

A native of Seattle, WA, Gerald worked in Web Design and Network Administration before founding VoiceIP Solutions, LLC in 2004 with his business partner Matt.  VoiceIP Solutions is a telecommunications integration company based in Seattle, WA that specializes in selling and supporting PBX telephone systems using Linux & Digium's Asterisk open source PBX software (  The firm is also a Polycom Certified Reseller ( and carries the complete line of Polycom SoundPoint IP telephones (  For more information about VoiceIP Solutions, please visit their website at

Since 2006, Gerald has been involved in planning a number of ICT projects in Africa.  Most reciently, Gerald traveled to Ghana and Mozambique, providing ICT project support for a Seattle based NGO.  Gerald continues to seek business development oppertunities in Africa for VoiceIP Solutions, hoping to promote the adoption of open source telephony platforms in developing nations.

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