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Ismail Omar Guelleh


Ismaïl Omar Guelleh is the second president of Djibouti. He succeeded his uncle, Hassan Gouled Aptidon, in 1999.

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Created: 18th Mar 2008
Modified: 18th Mar 2008
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Republic of Dijibouti
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Ismail Omar Gulleh is the current president of the Republic of Dijibouti. Prior to becoming president, Mr. Gulleh became head of the secret police and chief of the cabinet in the government of Hassan Gouled Aptidon (his uncle).

He received training from the Somali National Security Service and then from the French Secret Service, and was intended to become his uncle's successor. It has been said that Mr. Gulleh's intimate knowledge of the country's political forces, which stems from his service as head of Dijibouti's security agency, has been used and manipulated to his benefit throughout his career.*

Mr Guelleh, known in Djibouti by his initials, IOG, won a second term in one-man presidential elections in April 2005.The opposition did not field a candidate. His campaign included promises to tackle poverty and reduce Djibouti's dependence on food imports. He said he would step down at the end of his second term, in keeping with the constitution.

Ismael Omar Guelleh succeeded his uncle and Djibouti's first president, Hassan Gouled Aptidon, in April 1999 at the age of 52. He was elected in a multi-party ballot which was not contested by Mr Aptidon.

Mr Guelleh supports Djibouti's traditionally strong ties with France and has tried to reconcile the different factions in neighbouring Somalia.


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Biographical Information
Ismail Omar Guelleh
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  City: Dijibouti City
Place of Origin: Djibouti

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