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EAST SOMALIA UNIVERSITY ESU located in Gardo (Qardho). Gardo is an historic city in the northeastern Puntland macro-region of Somalia. It is the capital of the Qardho District in the Karkaar region. Gardo is the regional capital of Karkaar region and before it used to be one of the districts of Bari region. It is one of the most important districts in Puntland due to its geographic location, climate, and good pastoral landscape etc. A Gardo settlement started centuries ago but became a town at the end of the 19th century and was officially considered as a district in 1930.

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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Maximize the development of your leadership and business skills by learning from outstanding faculty in highly interactive classes that utilize case studies, business simulations, and extensive field work. The four-year undergraduate degree program includes pre-professional skills, core courses in business and management, and an area of concentration.


The major in accounting will prepare you for a large variety of opportunities. Opportunities and career paths for accounting professionals are increasing. Accounting is predicted to be one of the 10 fastest growing industries around the world.
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magerial accounting
financial management


East Somalia University Bachelor's Management program can help you gain the credentials to match your career goals.

Bachelors Program in Islamic Studies

The East Somalia University Bachelor's Program is a four-year degree program designed to help students acquire all essential Islamic knowledge and equip them to pursue careers in academia or practice.