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United Kingdom : PK Mwangi Global Consulting

Mission Statement
In an era of global restructuring, corporate cost savings and global economic realignments why not take advantage of value-for-money business and research analysis. PK Mwangi Global Consulting provides consultancy services to corporate and fund managers as well as SMEs on strategy, investment and finance issues.

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Organization Details

Established in 2009 PK Mwangi Global Consulting is an owner-managed management consultancy firm engaged in consultancy as well as business and research analysis for a cross-section of clients from corporate customers to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on corporate strategy, fund managment and finance-related matters.

Within Strategy advisory services we help identify business and financial factors emanating not only from the client's macroenvironment (including but not restricted to competitor activity) but also from its internal sphere. Identified factors are then applied to economic modelling and the process used to derive appropriate strategy going forward.

Under Asset Management advisory services we carry out research and fundamental analysis of companies operating primarily in little-researched frontier markets particularly in emerging Africa with the purpose of, among others,  identifying inefficiencies and price anomalies and hence investment opportunities.

Within the Finance mandate,  key is to assess current financial performance and offer advice in critical areas such as working capital management, funding strategies, investment appraisal and the implications of global investments and/or operations.

Some of our services are provided online, via the internet, in order to save the client the associated office expense and travel costs of having work done on-site.  Therefore, we are not limited by geographic location or distance in helping meet your business needs. Where we require additional specialized expertise to accomplish particular client work, we bring it on-board to meet the needs of the client. Such expertise will include professional partners in sales and marketing, IT and law thereby enabling the continued long-term provision of services to clients.

PK Mwangi Global Consulting is therefore able to provide clients with transparent, objective, accurate and timely information well-grounded in economic theory but with a relevance to every-day strategy, investment and/or finance needs. Working closely with the client, the emphasis is on maintaining integrity while delivering a value service to clients.The long-term view is not only to serve the client diligently but to look for growth alongside establishing partnerships with clients.

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