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Umma Party (UP)

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The Umma Party is a Islamic centrist political party in Sudan. It was formed in 1945 as the party striving after independence of Sudan. Sadiq al Mahdi was a prominent leader of the faction through much of the last century.

Today there are five active political factions of the Umma Party each claiming political legitimacy.

The most prominent of these factions is the Umma Party (Reform and Renewal) headed by Mubarak al Fadil al Mahdi, who is the first cousin of Sadiq al Mahdi and former Interior Minister when the Umma Party was last in power under Sadiq as Prime Minister from 1986 to 1989.

Another faction of the Umma Party (Reform and Renewal) is led by Information Minister Alzahawi Ibrahim Maalik.

Another faction of the Umma Party (General Leadership) is led by Dr. al Sadiq al Hadi al Mahdi, who is the first cousin of Sadiq al Mahdi. Dr al Sadiq is the son of Imam al Hadi al Mahdi who led a faction of the Umma Party that rivaled a faction that was led by Sadiq al Mahdi in the 1960s. Dr al Sadiq is an advisor to the President of Sudan. The Umma Party (General Leadership) is part of the current government and has agreed to continue cooperation with Sudan's ruling National Congress Party in the mid-interim period after 2008.

The last faction of the Umma Party is the Federal Umma Party, led by Ahmad Babiker Nahar, the current minister of Environment and Physical Development.


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