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Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SLM/A)

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Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SLM/A)

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The Sudan Liberation Movement/Army or (abbreviated as either SLM or SLA) is a Sudanese rebel group. It was founded as the Darfur Liberation Front by members of three indigenous ethnic groups in Darfur, the Fur, the Zaghawa and the Masalit.[2] among whom were Abdul Wahid al Nur of the Fur and Minni Minnawi of the Zaghawa.

General Omar al-Bashir, and the National Islamic Front headed by Dr. Hassan al-Turabi, overthrew the Sudanese government led by Ahmed al-Mirghani in 1989. A large section of the population in Darfur, particularly the non-Arab ethnicities in the region, became increasingly marginalized. These feeling were crystallized by the publication in 2000 of The Black Book, that detailed the structural inequity in the Sudan. In 2002 Abdul Wahid al Nur, a lawyer, Ahmad Abdel Shafi Bassey, an education student, and a third man founded the Darfur Liberation Front which was subsequently renamed the Sudan Liberation Movement, and claimed to represented all of the oppressed in the Sudan.



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