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National Congress Party (NCP)

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The National Congress or National Congress Party (NCP)  is the governing official political party of Sudan. It is headed by Omar al-Bashir, who has been President of Sudan since he seized power in a military coup on 30 June 1989, and began institutionalizing Sharia law at a national level.

The party followes ideologies such as Islamism, nationalism, populism and conservatism, however, international human rights groups and governments claim it attempts to create a totalitarian state through an extreme Islamic and dictatorial government.

With Omar al-Bashir becoming President of Sudan, the National Congress Party was established as the only legally recognized political party in the nation in 1998, with very same ideology as its predecessors National Islamic Front (NIF) and the Revolutionary Command Council for National Salvation, which al-Bashir headed as Chairman until 1993. As the sole political party in the state, members were quickly dominating the entire Sudanese parliament. However, after Hassan al-Turabi, then-speaker of parliament, introduced a bill to reduce the president's powers, prompting al-Bashir to dissolve parliament and declare a state of emergency, a split began to form inside the organization. Reportedly, al-Turabi was suspended as Chairman of National Congress Party after he urged a boycott of the President's re-election campaign.

Then, a splinter-faction led by al-Turabi, the Popular National Congress Party (PNC), signed an agreement with Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA), one of the largest rebel groups in the country, which led al-Bashir to believe that they were plotting to overthrow him and the government. Al-Turabi was subsequently imprisoned based on allegations of conspiracy in 2000 before being released in October 2003.


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