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Canada : Born Black Magazine

Mission Statement
Although Born Black Magazine stands as the voice of those born black, it is designed not solely for those born black but also for those who wish to be informed about black communities in our world. The magazine has a very strong potential to advocate for social and politico-economic well being through multidisciplinary approaches and perspectives that are reflected through critical and original regular columns, essays, interviews, picture illustrations and lots more which reflect our past and present. Born Black intends to uplift its readers, especially the black youth, by projecting a positive image of black people, reflected through history and culture, from the past and present. Born Black strives to raise the interests of individuals and groups to discussions that comment, suggest and recommend ideas for the betterment of life for the disadvantaged and impoverished communitiesÂ’ worldwide.

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Born Black, our newly emerging magazine, envisions forwarding its own contribution to initiate discourse among black people all over the world, focusing on prompting positive messages and imagery among black people. Born Black opts to stir its readers’ thoughts about the multifaceted global problems that are affecting black communities in the world, through solution seeking, informative, educative, insightful articles, news and commentary on politics, history, culture and other community issues. Born Black also visions to catch the youth’s attention through the use of colourful and catchy pictures, puzzles, cartoons and witty humour.

It is the firm belief of the proprietor and the promoters of Born Black Magazine that our past and our roots are contained in our present, which in turn contains indicators for our future. As we know, world education and media, specially that of North America, is dominated by Western discourses that say little or nothing about black people’s contribution in world civilization, history and culture. Rather, black people’s representation is mostly stereotyped as the impoverished Africans, the musical or athletic entertainer, the criminal (currently being highly perpetuated by the gangsta hip-hop rap) and lots of others. These images harm the black youth, who usually don’t have access to the right source of information to learn about their legacy and its contribution in the world in a positive way. That is why Born Black visions to fight against these imageries and bring forward a different perspective of information that are balanced and free of bias about black history, people, and current issues.

Born Black is not necessarily a glorification or lamentation of our past.  Rather, it presents a critical picture of the present to enable us to appreciate our past, formulate objectives and alternative paths to accelerate positive development for all humans as well as non-humans. It is hoped that, even though our focus is on black people, our readers would be constituted of different race and colors, since we believe that the betterment of black people in Africa and its Diaspora has a direct impact on peace, stability, development in our world, which is getting more and more culturaly diversified each and everyday.

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