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Namibia : Africa Light / Gray Zone
c+p 2010 einscommanull
film poster of AFRICA LIGHT / GRAY ZONE

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Created: 5th Jan 2010
Modified: 5th Jan 2010
Angola, Namibia, South Africa
Angola; Namibia; South Africa; Arts, Culture and Entertainment; Ecotourism; Environment; Human Rights; Industry and Infrastructure; Press and Media; Southern Africa; Travel and Tourism; Wildlife
Tino Schwanemann
Stefanie Paul

This short film by Tino Schwanemann is a story about Africa. It deals with the facets of social, economical and even political development in the so-called 3rd world. It is a story about lost identities of African communities, overwhelming progression and related changes in the environment.


Link to the official trailer of AFRICA LIGHT / GRAY ZONE on Youtube:


Short Synopsis:

Africa is full of nature’s colors. A colorful experience! The social, political and economical problems of the continent, however, are unsaturated. Neither black nor white, but endless gray.

 “Africa Light” – as white local citizens call Namibia. The name suggests romance, the beauty of nature and promises a life without any problems in a country where the difference between rich and poor could hardly be greater. Namibia does not give that impression of it. If you look at its surface it seems like Africa in its most innocent and civilized form. It is a country that is so inviting to dream by its spectacular landscape, stunning scenery and fascinating wildlife. It has a very strong tourism structure and the government gets a lot of money with its magical attraction. But despite its grandiose splendor it is an endless gray zone as well. It oscillates between tradition and modernity, between the cattle in the country and the slums in the city. It shuttles from colonial times, land property reform to minimum wage for everyone. It fluctuates between socialism and cold calculated market economy.

Music by Steffen Greisiger & The German Film Orchestra Babelsberg, conducted by Bernd Wefelmeyer. Sound Design by Jan Weigel, sound mix by Christian Ottow.


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