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Uganda : Ebola War: The Nurses of Gulu (2003)
Ebola War: The Nurses of Gulu (2003)

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Created: 1st Jun 2007
Modified: 4th Sep 2008
Alethia Productions

Ebola War: The Nurses of Gulu (2003)

2003. 46 min. Uganda. Alethia Productions. Sale USD$295/Rental USD$75.

When Ebola broke out in Northern Uganda, there were scant resources and little knowledge about how to deal with it at Lacor Hospital, in Gulu, Uganda. In Ebola War, the nurses tell the emotional stories of how they struggled to contain the outbreak. Medical teams had to go into the war-ravaged countryside to test and educate the population to isolate those infected. Through interviews, personal accounts and archival footage, this intimate and moving film documents a five-month heroic battle in an African hospital against a modern-day plague, and the final triumph over the outbreak.

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