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Sudan : God Grew Tired of Us (2007)
God Grew Tired of Us (2007)

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Created: 1st Jun 2007
Modified: 4th Sep 2008
John Bul Dau and Michael Sweeney
National Geographic

God Grew Tired of Us (2007)

by John Bul Dau and Michael Sweeney

National Geographic

This unforgettable book is the first-person account of a miracle—indeed, a whole series of miracles. One of the uprooted youngsters known as the Lost Boys of Sudan, John Bul Dau was 12 years old when civil war ravaged his village and shattered its age-old society, a life of of herding and agriculture marked by dignity, respect and the simple virtues of Dinka tribal tradition. As tracer bullets split the night and mortar shells exploded around him, John fled into the darkness—the first terrified moments of a journey that would lead him thousands of miles into an exile that was to last many years.

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