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Preliminary stainless stainless steel sheet, Europe and Japan kept dumping behavior
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Created: 18th Jun 2012
Modified: 18th Jun 2012
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China finally showed the anti-dumping sword, Europe and Japan move in the high-performance stainless stainless steel sheet.

Yesterday (May 8), the Commerce Department issued a notice to announce the existence of dumping of imports originating in the EU and Japan, high-performance stainless stainless steel sheet, since May 9, 2012, operators at the origin of imports in the EU and the related products in Japan, should determine the dumping margin for each company based on the preliminary decision to the corresponding margin to the China Customs.

"Daily Economic News" reporter found that China and the EU and other Western countries around the steel trade disputes has been more than two years after the EU had repeatedly anti-dumping investigation against Chinese steel pipe products, and makes an affirmative determination, the move of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce is also to help Chinese enterprises to hold a domestic market share, and promote industrial upgrading, to avoid the corporate sales side, "the two by the crowd."

Full evidence of the preliminary

July 15, 2011, Jiangsu Wujin Stainless Steel Pipe Factory and Changshu, China Special Steel Co., Ltd. on behalf of domestic industry, formally submitted the application of anti-dumping investigation on imports originating in the EU and Japan, high-performance stainless 304 stainless steel sheet products Ministry of Commerce formally opened on September 8, the same year.

The Commerce Department preliminary results show that the surveyed products the prices of imports were decreasing, the price per ton in 2008 to 125,100 yuan, 107,300 yuan in 2009, to 86,700 yuan in 2010, the 2008-2010 average annual rate of 16.74 %.

The main complaint Jiangsu Wujin Stainless Steel Pipe Factory official told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, unable to produce similar products in the domestic enterprises, the European Union and Japan Steel prices Biao, when the country can produce similar products, the EU and Japan's steel pipe will be slashing prices. "We were under a great deal of manpower, material and financial resources to research and development of such products, but the price cut of the European Union and Japan product is difficult to accept, if the enterprise is sold according to this price will be at a loss."

Dumping practices in the EU and Japanese companies led the decline in performance of related domestic industries. , According to Commerce Department data from 2008 to 2010, similar products of domestic industry operating rate remained at 30% below the lower level, ending stocks are increased year by year, products domestic sales price decreased by 31.05% annually, the average annual sales revenue decreased by 15.5% , the average annual profit before tax decreased by 67.47%. The Commerce Department said that due to the similar products of domestic industry profitability continued to decline, the operating conditions of a significant deterioration related to capacity expansion of investment project is thus blocked shelved.

Steel pipe trade of turned on

The Commerce Department's preliminary results can also be seen as China turned on in the steel trade disputes. Since 2009, China seamless steel pipe enterprises began to frequently encountered anti-dumping big stick from the European Union, India, the United States and Mexico and other countries and regions, the EU is one of the main initiator of

China's repeated appeals, in accordance with the European Union, October 6, 2009 ruling, and ultimately imposed on Chinese seamless steel pipe exports from 17.7 to 39.2 percent anti-dumping duty, imposed a period of up to five years. Subsequently, the seamless steel pipe another major export market, the U.S. made a preliminary decision, countervailing duties of 11.06 to 12.97% and 32.39 to 98.37% anti-dumping duties be imposed on Chinese seamless steel pipe.

The end of last year, the European Commission announcement that 48.3% to 71.9% of the final anti-dumping duties imposed on Chinese exports to the EU stainless stainless steel sheet.

XUE Jin Tianjin Megawati steel trading company executives told the Daily Economic News "reporter, the tax rate is higher for Chinese enterprises, Chinese exports to the EU steel number will be greatly diminished, and the steel pipe model is more, foreign demand for Chinese products amount, the European Union since a series of acts to the financial crisis will lead to more countries to follow suit.

Just yesterday, the Canada Border Services Agency to determine the origin or exported from China's steel pipe pile to start anti-dumping subsidy investigations.

Wujin Stainless Steel Pipe Factory Sales Department who explained that the EU anti-dumping measures mainly because the prices of raw materials in China and the EU, the count of labor and other production costs, China's steel prices have the advantage, while the EU's high-performance stainless steel tubes dumping malicious dominate the market behavior.

Unlike other export products, steel pipes in China exports the bulk of the amount of money involved as many as one billion U.S. dollars, China's Ministry of Commerce on many occasions that China's steel products exports to the EU in a given period show a certain degree of growth, is mainly determined by market demand can not be attributed to the dumping of Chinese products.

XUE Jin, frequently mentioned the slogan of "re-industrialization" in Europe and the United States, steel products will inevitably continue was foreign trade to make things difficult, "Made in China" not only need to always be ready to respond actively, but also pick up the weapon of law to protect domestic market share.More


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China finally showed the anti-dumping sword, Europe and Japan move in the high-performance stainless stainless steel sheet.

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