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Tunisia : Dougga
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Created: 8th Aug 2007
Modified: 4th Sep 2008
8:00- 19:00 April- September, 8:30- 17:30 October- March
25% expensive

Dougga is the highest point in a rolling valley, and provides one of the best views from on high in Tunisia. The defining feature of Dougga is its stage. Go with tradition and bring a favorite poem, song, dramatic piece, or other literary work to perform in front of a major seating complex that once accommodated 3,500 people . All of the structures were built between 166-188 AD. Behind the main theatre complex, tourists can wander through more than 20 baths and temples, which are in surprisingly good condition. Bring a camera and water. There is a small shop nearby to buy ice cream, souvenirs and refreshments.

The best time to come is during the Dougga Festival, which takes place in late July or August.

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near Tebersouk

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