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Various artists from Burundi are featured on this CD which honors the country's musical talent.
Ensemble Folklorique Batimbo's music features energetic drumming and chanting. The group is known for its use of sacred drum traditions.
Pop singer Khadja Nin's singing career began at the age of seven when her singing voice earned her the lead...
Bonga Kwenda (Kuenda) A.K.A. Bonga (pop): Bonga has been performing since the age of 15. Like many Angolan musicians, he...
Paulo Flores (pop): One of Angola's most well known musicians. His music often speaks to the hardships of Angolan life...
Bingui Jaa Jammy is a central musician of the Burkina Faso's reggae scene.
Waldermar Bastos (Pop): Belongs to a new generation of African artists. He combines Afropop, Portuguese (fado), and Brazilian influences.
Africa X features Gabin Dabire blends African beats with Latin and jazz flavors. This CD features different musicians on each...
A group of 13 politically involved artists from Burkina Faso came together to deliver their points of view about their...
Kaleta combines traditional African music with Western pop music to create a mix of African folk, JuJu, and high-life music,...