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Other, Entertainment, Malawi
Offers daily membership at an affordable price. The club also has a bar and a restaurant.
Malawi, Park, Wildlife
Tranquil walking trails and the calming flow of the Lingadzi River make this sanctuary educational and very enjoyable.
Zambia, Park, Wildlife
The largest park in Zambia and one of the biggest in the world. Various species of antelopes, lions, buffaloes, cheetahs,...
Wildlife, Park, Zambia
One of the best places in Africa to experience the wild.
Wildlife, Zambia
A striking 1-km wide chain of waterfalls on the Zambezi.
A park of exceptional beauty and great birding opportunities.
Park, Zambia, Wildlife
There are sandy beaches, vertical cliffs, sandy cloves and natural bays. Some of the most pristine beaches of Lake Tanganyika...
Park, Zambia, Wildlife
Many people consider this the best park in Zambia. Lions, giraffes, buffaloes, wildebeasts, kudus, bushbucks, waterbucks, impalas, pukus and elephants...
Park, Zambia, Wildlife
Watch Africa's diverse wildlife while canoeing down the river.
Zambia, Historical
The collection is rare and extensive, and mainly focuses on the Bemba people. A little pricey for a museum, but...