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People :  Andry Nirina Rajoelina

Andry Nirina Rajoelina was born in 1974 and is the current President of the High Transitional Authority of Madagascar He assumed leadership in March 2009.

Author: fayekeene
Mon Mar 29 17:11:51 2010

Please erase your profession as ":president", you are nobody's president since nobody voted for you. I am ashamed and really embarrassed at your shameful act of committing presidential coup in the 21st century. That is such a lowly and backward action in this new century.

Look at people's suffering and resign as you have done nothing for the good of my beloved country. I am so ashamed that Madagascar is reduced to nothing because a shitty mayor of the capital city of my country is so full of himself and decided to force his way to presidency at the expense of the country's economy and international credibility.

TGV, who are you for not accepting the decision of the international community when 80% of our country's budget is from the international community. Have some sense of logic and resign before Madagascar's economy becomes like Zimbabwe.

Author: tesseymurphy
Fri Feb 19 12:16:26 2010

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Author: ICYou
Sun Jun 5 07:11:24 2011

Andry Rajoelina is president in Madagascar because he was an elected official standing up for the people and he added a voice and face to the popular demonstrations 11 months prior to what happened in Tunisia, Egypt, etc... however, in no other country in North Africa and the Middle East is anyone saying that a coup took place, is taking place or will take place. Rajoelina did not lead the military, he did not start the protest, he added a voice to the voiceless and the international community is punishing him but rewarding the other nations with the "Arab Spring" and billions in aid. Where is the justice for the Malagasy people, if anyone wants to help the people, help this nation develop don't condemn the people because they went against the status quo and refused to be sheep lead to the slaughter. Help the HAT hold elections and stop SADAC, opposition leaders and friends of Ravolamanana from delaying elections.

Author: glorybaby102
Fri Apr 1 02:22:37 2011

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