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Uganda Releases New Election Guidelines

The government has drafted new rules of political engagement ahead of the 2011 general elections, making it mandatory for opposition and independent candidates to recognise the current Electoral Commission.

People :  Kizza Besigye

Former colonel in the Ugandan army, Kizza Besigiye is the chairman of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party and is a candidate for Uganda's...

Author: stevejun89us
Wed Feb 16 10:31:31 2011

I urge fellow Ugandans to turn up in millions and go vote for change. the reason why NRM'S goons want to retain their seats is nothing but the OIL issue! They will not account for the oil money, so in the next five years they want to load more billions into their accounts and flee to exile we will topple their Corrupt Gov't wether by peace or violence. Museveni must GOOOOO! I wonder why this old man can't get satisfied with all the tolerance we endured entertaining his nonsence government for the last 25 years. This is madness, You can not rule educated Ugandans with your STATOCRATIC MANNER. Your luck ran out the minutes i took the obligation to offer history at school, we know Museveni's divide and rule theory, it's outdated! Go and face the world court, answer your charges. Museveni takes us for STUPID,MONEYHUNGRY FELLOWS. Let's come out and show this Tyrant the exit. Brace yourself for the REVOLUTION...!

Mon Jan 16 15:01:38 2012

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People :  Yoweri K Museveni

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (born 1944) is the president of Uganda and a candidate for the National Resistance Movement in the 2011 parliamentary elections.

Author: gishol
Sat Nov 28 17:18:33 2009


Author: m9nilespring
Sun Feb 20 16:24:01 2011

What you don't know is, people from Congo are not as sad as you think. M7 opened their door to the world. Many people from Congo are moving freely in East Africa. You are wasting too much time telling us what we know very well. Africas land locked countries need to be lend a hand and M7 has done so. In your words you sound like you have been out side of Uganda for quite some time. It might be too late for you, but bro, sister, Uganda is as sweet and juicy as ever. The choice is up to the people of Uganda.

Author: mubirurichard
Sun Jan 23 13:36:06 2011

Thanks GOD for the president of Uganda and i thank him for whatever he has done for our nation in fact it has changed a lot but we need to grow in politics such that people may know that there vote is of value but having one lure and no change slogan i don't support it this may lead us to wars which we have left long time. I Mubiru believe in changing of power by free and fair election and GOD has never created one person to rule until death and no one can be loved for over 20 years without change that means that there is dirty game played by people in governance. If developed countries can change lures why not African leaders? were they created to die in power?

Author: m9nilespring
Sun Feb 20 16:12:07 2011

Yoweri Kaguta M7 is a true son of Uganda. Personally I feel a very close relationship with a leader like him. Reading his biography has made me a strong candidate for his NRM movement. He has trully made me understand his intensions. I have big hopes that Uganda will move ahead if we keep M7 in this position. Don't take me wrong I respect all candidates but It is very risky to place a new candidate who we all know that she/he can start again to exploit the little wealth Uganda have. M7 biggest task is to work on wiping away poverty, but he can't do it alone. Ugandans need to control the birth rate. Out of 100 Ugandans, there is 60 Ugandans who can take care of their own families. Many expect the leader to lend a hand but it takes a village to raise a family. If the whole village is in poverty, then how can you expect to move ahead. Ugandans are drowning in making babies they can't provide for. There should be a new rule, (two children/household), it is that simple. Good luck comrade M7. Get on the steering and empower and drive Uganda towards success. May the Lord bless Uganda and all the new leaders.

Mon Jan 16 15:01:44 2012

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