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Michela Wrong's book on Eritrea examines one of Africa's youngest countries.  

Author: workudy
Fri Oct 1 21:16:48 2010

I have read Micheal's book. It is my second book by the same author- the first being 'It is our turn to it' on Kenya.

It is a well researched and presented book. It provided me a great deal of histroy lesson. It exposes interesting histroical facts that I did not know before such as the looting of Italian left property and macnery by the British soldiers after the defeat of the Italians in 1941.

My comment, the major and general one, is the author's premise or assumption taking Eritrea as a nation prior to 1991, the date of their seccesion from Ethiopia by force. Eritrea was, I believe, a piece of territory carved out and controlled by the Italians since the the beginning of the scramble for Africa.

The author is harsh on Sylvia Pankrhust apparently because of her devotion to Emperor Hailesellasie and his empire. But I do not see Pankrhust's love and commitment to Ethiopia any different from the author's infatuation to EPLF and glamorization of its history, which is every where in the book.


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