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Mugabe's 2011 Election Hangs in the Balance

President Robert Mugabe's plan to go to the polls received a blow after a report to South African President Jacob Zuma said it was impossible as the electoral roadmap would not be ready.

Author: takunya_ndebvu
Mon Dec 6 11:15:01 2010

It is misleading, outrageous, scandalous and a pack of lies to allege that President Mugabe has so-called "plan to hold elections next year", 2011. President Mugabe has never had and SHALL NEVER have such a plan because he is not the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission neither is he the parties to the GPA - he is just one of the three principles.

What President Mugabe was and is doing, and will continue to do is to interpret and explain what the law (Constitution and GPA) says. The GPA clearly states that it SHALL have a life span of only two years and the two years - suggested by the two moronic MDC-T representatives (Biti and Mangoma) - is expiring in February 2011. What is to be done now that the 2nd anniversary of the GPA is only two months away?

The foolishness and stupidity of those who suggested this 'road-map' is that they did not put into consideration what would happen in the event that a new constitution is not in place by the end of that period (2 years). They also did not put serious thought to a situation whereby we cannot agree a new constitution for, say, the next 10 years. Should or can the GPA continue indefinitely?

Notice that it is the MDC-T idiots who are refusing to accept the people's views after they insisted on "consulting" same. ZANU-PF was reluctant to do that (conducting an outreach) because this had been done before (first in 2000) and later when the negotiators came up with the 'Kariba Draft' which should have formed the basis on which the new constitution was to be built.

Mind you a lot of money had already been put into coming up with the 'Kariba Draft' and so ZANU-PF reasoned that there was no need to waste any more scarce funds undertaking an unnecessary Outreach programme. As usual MDC-T insisted on having the outreach but they are now, again, reneging on the outcome of the outreach, preferring a "negotiated constitution" failure which "we will write our own constitution when we win elections". This was said by idiotic Tsvangi himself.

So, where is President Mugabe coming in with his "plan for elections next year, 2011"? I am sure everybody can see that these MDC-T supporters at the Standard Newspaper are just misinformers, disinformers, alarmists and above all propagandists who are out to feed the world with falsehoods.

They should not be listened to because when their boss insisted that elections be held next year, 2011, they went wild about "Mugabe not wanting elections" for fear of defeat. Now President Mugabe says elections next year, they say it is "PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe's plan to have elections next year" when the "road-man" has not yet been followed. I am sure good people out there are seeing or can clearly see the confusion in the already confused and leaderless MDC-T camp.

This is precisely the reason why they cannot remove the frog-faced Tsvangison and elect a new leader even though their party constitution clearly states that a party leader SHALL serve only for two-five-year terms. People are being beaten, some are murdered and yet others are being victimized for daring to tell him to go.

Notice the consistence in the MDC (the real MDC and not this one which now has a surname, using "T" to emphasise the owner), they said they want elections after 5 years and gave their reasons. They were accused and are still being accused of fearing elections but, as can clearly be seen, they have shown a great deal of consistence.

It should be made abundantly clear that President Mugabe has nothing to lose - elections or no elections next year. It is the sellout imbecilic fool who has everything to lose – should elections be held next year or any other time. What President wants is for us and our country to follow and be seen to be following the rule of law as it is understood internationally. If elections are to be held after 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, it should be on the dot, no flip flopping, and he has been consistent on this since 1980.

As such if Tsvangirai and his handlers push the elections to 2013, President Mugabe will remain President, Head of State and Government, and Commander-In-Chief of the Zimbabwe Armed Forces - he just has nothing to lose - and when elections are eventually held he will win resoundingly.

If they (those in the sellout party and their handlers) push for elections today, next year or any other time, President Mugabe still has nothing to lose because, as I said, he is going to win hands down. Delaying elections is only prolonging our happiness because we know that during this period; it will be a period to consolidate our gains - the gains of our hard-won independence.

And if the CIA and MI6 are reasoning that, by delaying elections, they CAN turn the people to their puppets' side again, they are joking. Zimbabweans now know who their enemy is - MDC-T that called for debilitating, evil, racist, illegal, satanic, ruinous, barbaric, diabolic, devilish and inhuman economic sanctions on them.

They also have come to know that MDC-T is exactly what ZANU-PF has been saying it is - a puppet party that is being controlled from London and Washington – in short – that is selling out to imperialists. The people now know that they (MDC-T stooges) are so unclever, so stupid and so foolish as to ask for "technical assistance" from the MI6 and the CIA. They have shown they have no brains of their own – they are just bunch of ignoramus imbecilic nincompoops.

Imagine inviting Heatly (a well known MI6 agent) to the country and to work in the Prime Minister’s office giving “technical assistance” and yet he was having access to our top secret documents for 18 months because of their stupidity and foolishness. What MI6 did or will do with that vital information, only God knows. Do Wikileaks revelations mean anything to anyone yet?

Therefore, there won’t be any “collusion” between Presidents Mugabe and Zuma because Zuma is not the Zimbabwean constitution and does not tell us what to do in our country. President Zuma can only advise us as we did - advising them - during their struggle and as they transited from Apartheid to democratic rule. We never were part of their negotiations and they can also NEVER be part of our negotiations. PERIOD!!

Author: chokora
Tue Dec 7 08:21:57 2010

Tales of Tsvangirai, the rhodie's merry clown

[He may be considered smart - until he opens his mouth. Phew! Does he ever shut up?]


BRUSSELS, Dec 06, 2010 - "Setting up a power-sharing government to end the post-election dispute in Ivory Coast would set a bad example to other African countries, Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said on Monday."

Author: Susan_Ndebvu
Wed Dec 8 20:39:30 2010

This post was deleted because it contravenes AllAfrica's commenting guidelines.

Author: chingava1
Tue Dec 7 03:12:48 2010

For the first time,SADC leaders have come up with something comprehensive with regard to the Zim situation. Surely the country is not ready for elections now. All the economic gains made since the start of the Unity Gvt will be eroded and the biggest casuality will be the people. How arnachy suites PF! Lets wait to see what the ageing Bob will do. He will go ahead with the elections without any hasitation. This is the Bob that we know. He knows that the region has no power to compel him anything. He will use his powers to craft laws allowing him to do so or simply resort to the present constitution which allows him to use presidential powers to proclaim elections. What will the region do? With the problems in RSA ,one wonders what Msholozi can really do. Besides that Bob and PF liberated the country and will never ceed it to "sell outs in the Change group".

Author: Voice of hope
Fri Dec 10 16:36:18 2010

Time Gentlemen please. Enough is enough. Independence was over fifty years ago Africa must get its house in order. If if cant, the Chinese will take it! We need an international force. Its first task is to install the new President in the Ivory Coast before civil war erupts. The incumbent President and all loyal to his illegal regime face immediate death. Once completed ,I would estimate it will only take two weeks. Move immediately to Zimbabwe. Again Mugabe and close associates face immediate death. The reconstruction of working government will take several months. During this time it must be made crystal clear to the other illegal regimes in Africa that they will be next. Hopefully with in a year all Africa will have constitutional government and Africa can start to take its position in the world . The force can be funded buy confiscation of all monies of these regimens which is in western banks.

Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai Threatens Poll Boycott

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has said elections would only be held if there was a conducive political environment.

Author: rodi.tema
Tue Jul 26 06:59:58 2011

It is easy to be a white man's reporter-boy in Africa. Write this down and cut-and-paste it whenever you need to please your masters - when the occasion arises. [Just like those propagandists at's esteemed SW Radio(London) you don't have to be on the ground reporting unless you really want to.

Words heard from


UN and whites when their lackey is declared the winner: 'The people have spoken.' 'The AU's monitors reported that the elections were "free and fair"'. 'Any reported irregularities were not serious enough to warrant a re-count or re-run'. 'All must come together to join in nation-building.'


Lackey, UN and whites when their lackey is declared the loser: 'The elections were not free and fair' 'The EU's monitors reported that the elections were marred by widespread violence and intimidation.' 'We recognise our boy as the legitimate winner - and he will be the leader.'

Author: rodi.tema
Tue Jul 26 07:11:13 2011


Tsvangirai is a coward: He is afraid to face the judgement of the people.


There is always something to complain about in any election. The losers are most shrill in their complaints about being cheated out of a win.


Give me any election and watch me piously declare it NOT "free and fair".

Author: check-point
Tue Jul 26 08:34:32 2011

Can it be - Tsvangirai WILL boycott elections?

This is wonderful news to the patriots of Zimbabwe. It spells an end to the nightmare of a dysfunctional coalition after an easy outright victory for the beloved Cde Mugabe - under whose wise leadership, the people reclaimed their ancestral lands and prospered.

We look forward to many more years of prosperity.


We have read this story over and over ..

- - -

Burundi: Jul 23, 2010 - President Pierre Nkurunziza's ruling party stood unopposed in Burundi's parliamentary polls, capping a drawn-out electoral process boycotted by the opposition and plagued by violence and tensions.

- - -

Sudan: Sudan's Umma Party, one of the main opposition parties, said .. it would boycott .. presidential, legislative and ..

- - -

Yemen: December 15, 2010 - Yemen's ruling party confirmed .. to hold delayed parliamentary elections in April 2011 despite of opposition's boycott..

- - -

Djibouti: Mar 11, 2011 Djibouti opposition boycotts presidential election.. - - - Bahrain: Jun 28, 2011 - Bahrain's opposition to boycott dialogue, elections.. - - - Azerbaijan: Opposition boycotts .. elections.. - - -

Ethiopia: February 8th, 2011 - All opposition parties in Ethiopia have decided to boycott the off-term elections .. - - -

CAR: Mar 27, 2011 - Supporters of President François Bozizé will dominate the country's National Assembly following the second round of legislative elections. The polls were boycotted by the opposition.

- - -

Mar 11, 2011 Djibouti opposition boycotts presidential election..

- - -

Chad: April 25, 2011 - A boycott by opposition candidates of the country's main opposition parties resulted in an easy election victory for President Idriss Déby Itno.

- - -

Aug 2010 - Rwanda opposition figure calls for poll boycott .. Missing Rwandan opposition figure beheaded .. The west's Pres Kagame rides to easy victory following a tense run-up marred by state orchestrated violence, arrests and killings. .. Genocidaire Kagame denies involvement in attacks on, and harassment/jailings of, opposition figures .. World/ Whites thrilled .. Rwandan opposition urges world to reject poll results .. Western world ignores opposition's plea ..

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tsvangirai's elections-phobia (or ballot-phobia) is nothing new. Neither are the propaganda code words - which his puppet masters tell him to use - that original:

Albania: Feb 17, 2011 - Albania's opposition to boycott elections? Facing international pressure, Albania’s opposition leader clarified in a press conference on Wednesday that his Socialist Party will take part in the May 8 local elections. “BOYCOTTING THE LOCAL ELECTIONS HAS NEVER BEEN AN OPTION FOR US," he said,"HOWEVER, IN ORDER TO COMPLETELY SOLVE THIS CRISIS THE POLITICAL PARTIES SHOULD FACE THE JUDGEMENT OF THE PEOPLE THROUGH FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS.”

- - -

A very brief list of election boycotts:

* Northern Ireland sovereignty referendum, 1973 * Sierra Leonean general election, 1973 * Philippine presidential election and referendum, 1981 * Jamaican general election, 1983 * Burkina Faso presidential election, 1991 * Ghanaian parliamentary election, 1992 * Togolese presidential election, 1993 * Côte d'Ivoire presidential election, 1995 * Slovak referendum, 1997 * Cameroonian presidential election, 1997 * Malian presidential election, 1997 * Mauritanian presidential election, 1997 * Burkina Faso presidential election, 1998 * Algerian presidential election, 1999 (six of the seven candidates withdrew just before the election, citing fraud) * Côte d'Ivoire presidential election, 2000 * Beninese presidential election, 2001 * Gambian parliamentary election, 2002 * Guinean presidential election, 2003 * Venezuelan parliamentary election, 2005 (swept by parties allied with President Hugo Chávez) * Thai general election, 2006 (boycotted by main opposition parties) * Chadian presidential election, 2006 (boycotted by main opposition parties) * Djiboutian parliamentary election, 2008 (swept by the pro-presidential coalition) - - -

["Boycott"? For Tsvangirai, it ought to be "baby-cott". Did Biti really think that he can wine and dine gutter floozies on the tax-payers' back for ever?]

Zimbabwe Hardliners Oppose 2011 Election

President Robert Mugabe faces a tough bid for holding elections in 2011, amid opposition from the MDC and Zanu-PF who are yet to discuss the proposal.

Author: timbee2006
Tue Nov 9 09:00:27 2010

This post was deleted because it contravenes AllAfrica's commenting guidelines.

Author: akapfunde1
Mon Nov 15 12:37:52 2010

Hey prophet tell me please what name where the Shona called or known as before 1800 when Tshaka, the bastard, used his immense military prowess and a Hitler-like people management ability,(remember how millions all called out in unison to Hitler by his first name, Heil! heil! heil!) to merge together a diverse groupings of lesser chieftains into a great nation, the AbeZulu ... the heaven people.Bayete, Nkhosi yamankhosi! Remember, the empires of the Changamire (Moyo totem), and the more extensive one of the Munhumutapa (Nzou totem) existed centuries before uTshaka of the Matshobana clan. The Karanga were the major group of people in the Rozvi empire of the Changamire. Some of their people were, in due course, influenced by the overpowering influence of the Nguni so much so that they replaced the R with L in kaRanga and became KaLanga. They are still the same people. The same leadership qualities showup in their current offspring, eg General Tongogara Magama, General Dabengwa (aka tawengwa), JoshuaNkhomo, Silundika, Kona, Bulombo, the Hoves etc. By the way, There were no such a people named Ndebele till the Tshwana started referring to the seemingly rootless marauding strangers as "TEbele". Muzilkazi was a member of a Zulu clan in the same way the Kalanga,Tonga or Venda or Nyungwe are Shona clans. So even your god does not everything about the Shona, it seems so from your report of what he/she told you. Nice try, though... what an interesting imagination you carry around.

Author: takunya_ndebvu
Tue Nov 16 08:14:15 2010

Baba Akafunde1;

I am always proud and extremely blessed to have a wise father like you. You dissected the idiot and placed him/her exactly where s/he belongs - in the dustbin. Had I replied, as I wanted to do yesterday, when I read this rubbish, and before your brilliant and informative piece, I would have left very vital details that you included? The brief history you gave proved beyond doubt that this idiot's white God "does not know (no) thing about the Shona".

How can this ‘prophet’ and his/her God know anything about the Shona when he reads the white man’s book? There is no way the Holy Spirit will refer to or read the Bible. Why? Because the Bible was written by human beings who had prejudices and who were influenced by race and other issues.

That is why there is no black man who is said to have done anything significant in that book. But don't we know better that the person who carried Jesus’ Cross was black and yet it is never mention especially when these Boers shoot films about the crucification of Jesus.

The bible was written by people who worked with and accompanied the Holy Spirit (and the majority and influential ones happened to be Whites) as it spread the word of the Lord and as it did some of the work that is included in that book.

Thus, if one starts reading or referring to the Bible but at the same time hearing a “voice or voices” and seeing ‘visions from God’, we can easily tell that the person(s) is fake; is imagining things or is hallucinating because the Holy Spirit and the so-called Holy Book don’t go hand-in-hand.

Author: kjrs120
Fri Nov 19 00:05:48 2010

takunya, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Bible "do not go hand in hand?" Really? How can you know one without the other?

Author: ragtimer
Wed Jul 27 18:33:00 2011

Hitler was hated for his managerial skills? All this time I thought he was hated for imitating Charlie Chaplin's moustache.

People :  Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe is the President of Zimbabwe.

Author: kingswood
Sun Sep 28 08:09:46 2008

To re construct Zimbabwe’s Agriculture she must look East from where the sun rises, and not to the Darkness from where the sun sets. Zimbabwe must use the Asian Agriculture module where it puts the people directly on the land Asia with its all inclusive system has shown the world how to feed its teeming billions Africa can learn noting from the West but how to exploit itself The East will teach Africa how to cooperate with itself,

Author: mabhiza
Wed Jun 17 15:29:58 2009

President Robert Gabriel Mugabe is the Head of state, Head of Government, The supreme commander in chief of the defence forces of zimbabwe..African liberation, revolutionary hero..Reknowned fighter against white supremacists,imperialism and colonialism..Standing ovations after standing ovations for the legendary pan africanist..All african leaders will salute the icon at the AU summit in july..

Author: afric35
Wed Jun 17 16:45:07 2009

mabhiza maybe a standing ovation by the Zanu-pf and you but outside of that that are no stand ovations for Mugabe. If he makes it to July well you are right he may get a standing ovation from their backsides (behinds))........

Author: mabhiza
Wed Jun 17 19:00:36 2009

What's really your problem Afric35[Euro35] when it comes to President Mugabe's popularity??..You just can't stomach the absolute fact that after a decade of a spirited campaign by the likes of u and your Western regimes against Cde Mugabe ,he is sill a widely respected figure in the African continent..You know what Euro35, you have to understand that after years of demonisation and propaganda towards an african hero by the racist media like bbc,cnn,sky news,fox tv,cbs,then comes a time when the propaganda starts faltering and it will be doing the opposite of what it's meant to achieve..Right now, western media is now getting discredited by a growing number of africans in regards to it's racist propaganda towards the african legend-Cde R.G.M.,thanks to the own goals these racists are scoring themselves...Euro35 you have to accept that western leaders ,their media &the embittered likes of you CANNOT force the entire world to hate a particular leader, becoz the rational people around the world will always establish the real reasons behind your hate towards that leader, that is the leader's refusal to surrender their independence,dignity and resources to you..EURO35, Have u ever imagined why leaders like President Amadinejad, President Chavez, Pres Morales, Pres Castro, President Mugabe remain popular despite western demonisation??

Author: afric35
Thu Jun 18 06:24:56 2009

mabhiza for starters shut up with the Euro35 crap because I am not not from Europe... It is not only the West who dislikes Mugabe there are are plenty of Africans who dislike him just as much as well as Asians. There are plenty of people who do not like him in his own country.

The Western Media is propaganda to you because they do not portray Mugabe as a here like the Herald and people like you do it is not they are lying.... Just because Mugabe liberated Zimbabwe that does does not make him a hero but in his past 30 years as president he has killed, tortured, robbed among many other things in Zimbabwe so that is not what a hero does....

The African leaders act they like him when they are in his presence but what do they say about him when he is not around????? Many are afraid of Mugabe because everyone knows his background and and dealings. Plus as corrupt African leaders well they are afraid to speak against him then they will be revealed for who they truly are...

So you see Mugabe is only a hero to the Zanu-pf and their loyal followers and after that the rest of the world and including other African countries could care less about him. How much money has the SADC given to Zimbabwe? nada, they have promised but well that money has yet to be given to Zim....

Author: mabhiza
Thu Jun 18 09:55:04 2009

Afric35[EURO35]/[AMERIC35],This is the kind of arrogance i was talking about earlier on,your continued refusal to accept Cde Mugabe's popularity despite the facts that re now emerging on the ground..Afric35, u said it yourself that Cde Mugabe liberated Zimbabwe[from your white oppression]..African leaders don't fear Cde Mugabe, they respect him even if they're threatened with cutting off of budgetary support by western governments..African leaders respect and sympathise with him becoz they understand what it's like to be in his shoes..Earlier on, i said that more and more africans are realising that they were manipulated by racist western media and propaganda,meaning that africans and the world at large is still in the process of realising the truth about the reason behind western regime change agenda that is land reform programme not redherrings like democracy, human rights, rule of law etc..Western hypocrisy &double standards in their dealings with Zimbabwe and other african nations is now all too clear &exposed to be ignored by any rational african..Of course some people who were manipulated by this racist propaganda will never get enlightened or will take time to re-adjust their mindset, After all,no African liberation hero has been able to win the hearts and minds of everybody...Euro35,the absolute fact is that President Mugabe is a widely respected liberation hero in Zimbabwe and Africa at large, you continue to deny this at your own peril..Anyway,EURO35,Why deny to be named after your origins?,are u ashamed?..

Author: afric35
Thu Jun 18 10:40:16 2009

mabhiza the only arrogant one here is you and you stink at that and by the way my origins is simple I am a Native American Indian so stop your hatred toward anyone that has white skin or they are from there so then you hate them. That would be like me hating all black Americans which I do not unlike you I have many Black friends and we agree about Mugabe not be loyal to him because of his skin color. You work for Mugabe and the Zanu-pf so you have to say all of this I understand but just know I can start lining up Zimbabweans and other Africans who see Mugabe as a thorn in their flesh.... Mugabe is loved by few and hated by most so you can accept it or do your usual thing start name calling like a little child then blasting anyone of white origin.....

You never respond to the story you are all about name calling and bashing anyone with white skin or origin then you go back to the past well the past is behind you but for some reason you still want to live in the past and that is where you will die...

Author: rafil
Thu Jun 18 17:55:38 2009

There are some group of deluded souls on this thread who deliberately spread lies and mis- information.For these set of liars eg, zolazolazolazuzuzu,prem,ouch dependent,euro 35 and a couple of other blind liars,they really don,t matter, the game of stealing in broad daylight is over get used to the fact that THE LAND WILL NEVER REVERT,get that into your evil filled heads.These set of nonentities have argued like hell that Zimbabwe is not under sanctions until recently when the cat was let out of the bag.Personally, replying whatever these set of people (chronically sired liars)post in here is a waste of time ,ignoring them is the best option. Damn the imperialists divide and rule tactics, the Africans will Unite and kick their ass out of here(Africa). We reserve the right to operate in our GOD given space, go hang if you,re not comfortable with that.For your(propagandist imperialists and their tails) information,we,re coming,damn your threats (A.f.r.i.c.o.m). Long live the motherland, Long live the great leader that kicked the ass of white supremacists and racist alien, invaders on the African sphere of influence,one by one, we,ll uproot them to dry.

Author: kjrs120
Fri Jun 19 08:00:51 2009

Yes rafil and your Mugabe- idiotic madness will get you expelled from SADC. Laws of the jungle are for animals only and when humans like Mugabe try to emulate them they back-fire. Mugabe " human?" What am I thinking?

Author: kjrs120
Sat Jun 20 10:02:50 2009

Mabhiza every one of your admired leaders from Mugabe to whatever other loser, are all dictators and like a monkey , you clap, stand, sit and piss when they tell you to. Mugabe has proved himself to be a nothing in the eyes of the world and like all men who go around scrounging for cash, and a president that everyone knows to be a thief, other men ovoid them like the plague. There is no greatness in anyone who not only destroys his own country but kills his own people and causes untold suffering to his people as Mugabe has done. You can kid yourself with all the excuses you want, blame as many Westerners as you wish, but the fact will always remain that Mugabe is a dictator, thief and a murderer who has sunk the Zimbabwean ship.

Sun Jun 19 15:29:54 2011

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Mon Jan 16 15:17:29 2012

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Author: leonmatemachani
Tue Feb 21 21:12:35 2012

Leaders came from God,

People :  Morgan Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai is the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe and leader of the biggest faction of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)

Mon Jan 16 15:14:00 2012

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People :  Arthur Mutambara

President of the Mutambara faction of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

Mon Jan 16 15:13:57 2012

This post was deleted because it contravenes AllAfrica's commenting guidelines.

People :  Jacob Zuma

President of South Africa

Author: tesseymurphy
Fri Feb 19 13:35:00 2010

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Author: glorybaby102
Fri Apr 1 02:52:06 2011

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