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Author: chachacha
Sat Jun 13 09:01:08 2009

Zimbabweans of all walks of life should strive to work for tangible democracy, rule of law and human rights. Anything less to this benchmark leads to corruption and total unfairness. It is now important for us as Zimbabweans to work hard to eliminate all sources of corruption and prepare ourselves for equal opportunities. It is also this time that we should be realistic and do away with such stupid myths like obtaining diesel directly from the ground without the need for refineries. Our Children should now go to school so that we can develop a worthwhile resource base for the country, not what we have experienced in the past few years where pseudo war credentials qualifies one to be an economist, industrial expert or international relations expert. Let us slot ourselves appropriately within the fabric of our society and indeed in the world.

Author: mabhiza
Sat Jun 13 08:38:52 2009

Tsvangi used to claim that he held keys to unlock the economic sanctions he called for to Zimbabwe..What happenned to those keys?,The imposers have changed locks, they're refusing to lift the economic sanctions with rigid determination..All they now do is hype about humanitarian aid becoz of a guilty conscience of the untold suffering their economic embargo is inflicting on innocent zimbabweans..This western induced suffering was mearnt to catapult that evil serpent-tsvangi to power make zimbabwe a western client state ruled by white house and 10 downing street who would reverse the gains of our revolution like the land reclamation..The British and Dutch settler farmers, The United States, Britain who poured huge amounts of money into MDC never imagined the possibility of their stooge-tsvangi being in the same gvt with people they were trying to depose..Tsvangi was catapulted to premier position thru sanctions but he has failed to give his western backers what they wanted that is President Mugabe's head, and land..People of Zim will set up a new constitution that will finnally seal the land reform once and for all..

Author: Chacho
Sat Jun 13 09:19:18 2009

Mabhiza You are right brother, what MDC havs to contend with is the fact that sanctions makes a nation difficult to manage. It is sinister to assume Zimbabweans will be mesmerised by peanuts, and forget the source of our crisis.

The MDC induced sanctions have been meant to discredit Government and people of Zimbabwe will realise that true statesmanship is not brought in by illicitly inviting enemies to destroy the family silver. There are better ways of campaigning for support or sympathy. We might have been in a better position now. They are learning the hard way.

Author: afric35
Sat Jun 13 10:27:36 2009

Moyondizvo no one has to destroy you Mugabe, Zanu-pf and your loyalists to them are doing just fine on your own... Stop crying about how the rest of the world is your problems when the root of the problem is within Zimbabwe and until the root of the problem is removed no matter how much people give the people of Zim will suffer..

Author: emily_sorensen
Mon Jun 15 10:37:13 2009

Takunya, Mabhiza, Moyondizvo

Why do you create three people when we know you are only 1? You all spurt the same nonsense that you would have to be a brainwashed individual, so brainwashed that there could not possibly be more than one of you.

There is no 'economic embargo' on Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans are free to trade with whoever they chose.

Why are you so stupid to think that the fact your money is frozen in a foreign bank account has something to with the MDC? Do you think your rigging of elections, murder and torture of innocent Zimbabweans and theft of the nations coffers was going to go unnoticed by the outside world?

There are some very very stupid people in this world.

Author: Phiri
Tue Jun 16 02:34:16 2009

Awt, you too are very stupid when it comes to the word "sanctions" You loose your intellegency and become a fool, who wants to believe what they want to believe.

Author: juhlman
Tue Jun 16 03:24:46 2009


You are correct, sad to say, about "sanctions", technically..............

The limitations on the ability of companies who also do business in the U.S. also now need to consider whether trading with Zimbabwe carries risks to their U.S. business - that has a dampening effect on investment in Zimbabwe.

But for the U.S., it's an internal matter, you have no right to lecture us on who we choose or choose not to to business with.

Next, U.S. Legislation does actually require the U.S. to oppose the extension of the Balance of Payments support from the IMF to Banks in Zimbabwe - this creates a financial bottleneck for financial transactions in/out of Zimbabwe - this has an additional "chilling-effect" on those who might wish to do business in ZImbabwe.

But again, the actual "sanctions" Zimbabwe is technically facing is/are restrictions against those who have been financially involved with the continued reign of ZANU-PooF. The sanctions themselves are actually against those on the "blacklist". The rest of Zimbabwe is free to trade with the outside world.

..... albeit the lack of Balance of Payments support from the IMF makes this a difficult proposition for most Zimbabweans to actually trade with the rest of the world...........

Yeah, there ARE limited sanctions on ZImbabwe - targetted at the 200-300 or so ZANU-PooF sycophants Comrade Bob has built up into his cult of personality. That those same 200-300 people are the ONLY economic lifeline the people of Zimbabwe have at the present time is lamentable.

The "sanctions" and their corresponding "chilling-effect" on the rest of the financial markets are warning investment AND aid away from Zimbabwe at the current time.

AND, as a citizen of the United States, I have written to both of my Senators and my Representative, demanding that they deny ANY funding to development aid in Zimbabwe until greater progress has been made towards the restoration of the free right of expression and the protection of individual liberty! I also requested that they support continued and increased humanitarian aid to improve public sanitation, education and health.

Yeah, we sanctioned those who were sucking Zimbabwe dry, and those who would kiss-up to the kleptocracy would say, "you're a racist, you're a Rhoadie"! when I was neither......

"We"...... the "West"..... have merely considered with whom we do not wish to trade............. It's an "internal" matter - don't even begin to lecture US on how we should spend our foreign aid!

Yes, there ARE "sanctions". They ARE "targetted" against less than 300 people who have materially benefitted from the reign of ZANU-PooF. Because the wealth of Zimbabwe has been so concentrated into the hands of those who are friends of Comrade Bob or his ZANU-PooF sycophants (who coincidentally control most of the wealth of Zimbabwe), those "sanctions" DO have the effect of chilling the investment environment of Zimbabwe - thus, the people of Zimbabwe suffer.

My main point over these many months is exactly THAT! How is it that "sanctions" against less than 300 people can "chill" the economic ability of a people like Zimbabwe's?

Doesn't that beg the question of whether the wealth of Zimbabwe is concentrated in the hands of too few?

Yes, there ARE "sanctions". Yes, they ARE "targetted" against less than 300 supporters of ZANU-PooF/Mugabe. No, they are NOT agaist the people of Zimbabwe but the concentration of wealth in Zimbabwe effectively means the "sanctions" are felt by ALL Zimbabweans. No, NO money is coming to Zimbabwe until there is a restitution of the rule of law that the rest of us in the real world can respect.

Author: kjrs120
Tue Jun 16 07:56:59 2009

Juhlman, well said and kudos to you for taking a stand for free rights of expression and the protection of of individual liberty. I am sure your Senators and Representative have heard you loud and clear because it is after all what they too would like to see the Zimbabwean people attain. Mr Obama also deserves great praise for taking his firm stand on this very issue and not being distracted from it even though murderous Mugabe tried to sneak his minister of tourism Walter Muzembi through the back door as it were, to have a dialogue but being snubbed by Mr Obama because the unity government of Zimbabwe is only "unity" in name and not in fact as Mugabe continues not to co-operate and form a unity with MDC as was intended and vital to the survival of Zimbabwe. No one should complain or be surprised if all Western nations continue to snub Mugabe and his Zanu-Pf because of Mugabe's non-committal to change for the betterment of Zimbabweans. Even though it is very heartening that Prime Minister Tsvangirai was well received, there is no getting away from the fact that there is this dark cloak of evil Mugabe riding on his coat tails.

Author: Phiri
Fri Jun 19 15:26:49 2009


Excellent analysis and points are made in your response and about the western world in general. You are right, as a number of others have pointed out that the west has a right to do business with whom so ever they prefer. Doing business with Zimbabwe has created a bad image for American and British companies. The net results is that they have pulled out. The Western companies wanted to do business in Zimbabwe, but Mugabe increasingly made it hard for them to justify doing business in Zimbabwe, especially under human rights violations and intimidation within Zimbabwe.

Author: peterb
Sat Jun 13 09:45:15 2009

The PM has done all he can at this point in time under much provocation fraud and stonewalling from the old man Mugabe & his cronies. Morgan has the keys to the future but untill Mugabe goes the future will be bleak.

Wake up Zimbabweans, Mugabe is the problem, not the west or any others

Regards, Peter

Author: mabhiza
Sat Jun 13 10:45:27 2009

Peterb, you don't understand..The real fact is that Americans and Britons want Pres Mugabe to go becoz they see him as the stumbling block in their efforts to fulfill their racist neo-colonial agendas towards zimbabwe..As far as the western countries are concerned, the deposition of president Mugabe is not enough revenge against people of Zim..After removing him, Americans would want to turn the nation into another Zaire, they would loot, using a mobutu like proxy-puppet regime..After deposing pres mugabe , they would want to make zim a client state that has no regard to its own revolution & its values of independence..Real power of zim governance would be lying in the pentagon, white house and 10 downing street..Peterb, so u think that all that filthy money white farmers poured into the MDC over the last decade was for democracy, human rights, rule of law, whatever???You have to wake up and revisit your conscience, MDC was used as proxies by racists who were reacting against our land reclamation movement &in the process they left a trail of socio-economic destruction against their own country..Tsvangi, a retarded bastard allowed himself to be ridden like a horse by Americans and Britons...Suppose, the MDC is catapulted to power,you think white farmers will just say,'ah fine we don't want to take the farms back, all we want is democracy, human rights , rule of law etc?"This is where the tragedy is at, an inevitable clash of interests between white backers and some blacks in the MDC..Tsvangi, becoz of his stupidity will be caught in a catch 22 situation whereby the white farmers and their European governments will be demanding land and control of other resources while at the same time we zimbabweans will be fiercely defending our land and control of our resources..You can never have the same interests with Americans and Britons as far as your resources and your country's independence are concerned...The MDC were used by racist regimes in United States and europe who wanted to subbotage the land reform programme at all costs, and teach other africans a lesson that this is what will happen to you if you take land from european settlers..If they had left land reform to succeed it would have set a 'bad precedent' to other africans and it would have sparked the land reclamation movements throughtout africa and trigger a spirit of defiance and resistance to white supremacists..So Peterb you have to wake up and know that removal of pres mugabe is not enough for the western countries becoz they will demand more b4 their wounds are healed...

Author: emily_sorensen
Sat Jun 13 12:16:29 2009

Everyone meet the Resident Idiot... Resident Idiot...this is everyone...

Author: Francesco Sinibaldi
Sat Jun 13 18:52:04 2009

Written in my heart.

I've gone near the sound of an open aspect waiting for a blackbird, and now, while the north wind appears with a delicate care, I follow the sun....

Francesco Sinibaldi

Author: papa nyods
Mon Jun 15 08:25:11 2009

Morgen have got the keys to a better Zim but Mugabe is bussy welding the locks

Author: prem
Sat Jun 13 09:53:37 2009

Lunatic mahbiza can only dream about sanctions. Sanctions aimed at individuals of Mugabe's corrupt regime have helped brought about the GNU, which is giving Zimbos a new hope that things would be better soon.

Obama is right to support Tsvangirai against tyrant Mugabe. Tsvangirai has a strategy to outdo ZANU-PF across the country come elections! It's the GNU that is enabling MDC to reach the people.

Criminal Mugabe and his thugs are in a fix! How would they prevent Tsvangirai to succeed. The world is watching. A wrong step by Mugabe against Tsvangirai will definitely bring the criminal before the ICC.

Mugabe's days if misrule and corrupt practices are counted!

Zimbos, you can start breathing afresh. Just disregard Mugabe's bootlickers!

Author: afric35
Sat Jun 13 10:23:39 2009

mahbiza is you had a brain you would be dangerous listen to yourself the US promised 73 million in humanitarian and economic aid the only thing it does not go into government hand no matter if they are MDC or Zanu-pf. You see what you tend to neglect si to admit this unity government has proved nothing so far and are still not unified. So anyone that has a brain will not give to a government such as the one in Zim right now. You know the very reason of the problem but you neglect it because you are part of the problem...

So go get a job and life that does not involve writing because you are a poor excuse for that because you cannot even prove your own point!!

Author: Mai Misodzi
Sat Jun 13 12:52:08 2009

Mabhiza you go around and writing trash about your knowledge of the revolution. Is it not true that you are a fake war veteran chancing on the organized stupidity created in the country? If you were a genuine revolutionary cadre you should be proud of Zimbabwe entering the global scenario to usher the vast talents and resource it has. Uri mbavha ka iwe? No sane person follows your ideas go to hell.

Author: George Warren
Sat Jun 13 18:56:55 2009

I'm liking President Obama more and more. This is great news. Money directly to the people so Bob can't get his thieving paws on it. He must be screaming by now. President Obama has my total respect in making this great desicion and is 231 million % behind Morgan. Bob gets nothing.Pamberi ne Barak and Morgan.

Author: Temba
Sat Jun 13 09:26:18 2009

Reminiscent of the 1984 song by Prince:"When doves cry..." A new era comes to Zimbabwe.

Author: Omugabe
Sat Jun 13 15:10:31 2009

African Patriots 'bootst' Magnanimous Mugabe as African Hero without a second.

Being 'boosted' AT HOME is what counts!

Obama is President of USA, an historical racist enemy of African people to this day. A FOREIGN ENEMY 'boosting' some self-loathing Africans who are servants/slaves to their Western 'divide and dominate' masters, will do nothing for the lost leaders of MDC (Mentally Deluded by Colonialists) IN AFRICA!

Author: George Warren
Sat Jun 13 19:00:57 2009

Omadogsbreath, you are a major idiot, you are up there in the running with Tokolosh/Takunya. All of Africa was very happy and joyful when Barak became the president of the USA. Now just because he is 231 million % behind Morgan, you call him racist. You are more like a bloody fool.

Author: afric35
Sun Jun 14 06:14:09 2009

Now America is racist and an enemy against Africa because they do not worship Mugabe like omugabe, takunya, mabhiza do so again you three stooges go get a life. Everyone along with you knows why people are supportive of Mugabe and the Zanu-pf after the destruction that has plagued your country for some time. There is a cure for this sickness but unless you use it you will continue to get sicker and sicker...

Author: mabhiza
Sun Jun 14 09:17:47 2009

This post was deleted because it contravenes AllAfrica's commenting guidelines.

Author: N/a
Sun Jun 14 16:35:03 2009

Please can some people be SENSIBLE why must people reveal the countries they come from just bse they are taking part in a a debate PLEASE FOR GOODNESS SAKE GROW UP!!! !!!!

Author: Omugabe
Sat Jun 13 15:21:02 2009

By the way, what will Obama do to 'boost' the African Americans who are being slaughtered by anti-African white supremacists, even right there in his Washington DC neighborhood?

Obama will be SILENT while Africans are being persecuted by the criminal white part of his lineage. Mugabe, the Virtuous, the Courageous, the Wise WILL NOT be tolerant of Africans being attacked and slaughtered by racist european enemies. That is why Mugabe is HERO to Africans. Obama is like the Kenyans who allow the bigoted brits to STILL occupy African Lands and kill Africans like 'game'. And the murderer of Africans gets a few months in jail, instead of paying with his miserable life for killing Africans in African! Obama may have Kenyan roots; but those roots ARE NOT Mau Mau! They are like the devil Odinga, who serves colonialists, and who celebrate the mass slaughter of Africans

Author: afric35
Sun Jun 14 14:01:52 2009

omugabe why do you wast good writing space with your comment oh by the way since you are clueless there are as many whites killed in Washington D.C. you take the one idiot who went into the Jewish museum and killed a black man to try to make white people look like a bunch of killers. Blacks kill whites in America too. All your comment proves is your EXTREME HATRED of white people. There are good and bad people all over the world and it is not because the color of their skin.

Author: Omugabe
Sun Jun 14 01:55:41 2009

Moyondizvo & Mabhiza, you are wise among men! Magnanimous Mugabe, African Hero, draws strength from your wisdom and inner fortitude.

The wicked Western enemies of Africans will not just be dispossessed of African lands, wealth and resources; the racist thieves and murderers will be made to make restitution for their criminal invasion of INNOCENT Africans.

Those who are Mentally Deluded by Colonialists (MDC) can get all their 'boost; from Africa's enemies ABROAD. Magnanimous Mugabe, the Virtuous, the Courageous, the Wise gets his Pan Africanist 'boost' FROM HOME!

Zuma is more important for Zimbabwe than ANY nation in the wicked West! And Magnanimous Mugabe, African Hero, gets 'boost' from Zuma, AT HOME!

Author: George Warren
Sun Jun 14 08:15:30 2009

What a load of hogwash/claptrap etc i've ever read. Omadogsnuts have you got a brain at all, don't tell me , it's in your backside. Judging from the amount of crap your talk it must be.

Author: N/a
Mon Jun 15 13:23:38 2009

Zola !!This is the same Omadognuts!!! that called Madonna a LOOSE WHITE WITCH when commenting on the article that has mentioned that she has adopted another child in Malawi how sic can one be

Author: mabhiza
Sun Jun 14 09:40:22 2009

O'Mugabe,thanx bro!..i salute you!!! We have to remain resolute and hold on to the torch of our revolution firmly..Our legendary,Magnanimous, African hero Cde R.G Mugabe is fighting for africans to take charge of their own destiny and for them to be in control of their god-given resources which these white European and American racists are trying to loot just like they did to Congo-Kinshasa thru their despotic stooge-Mobutu Sese Seko..They created another animal-Mdc to do the same..Some of these white supremacists, we are currently fighting them on this blog..Barack Obama is just a figurehead in a white racist,ku klax clan government, his hands are tied...

Author: afric35
Sun Jun 14 14:09:50 2009

omugabe well little feeble one all you know to do is accept what you read the Herald or what Mugabe and the Zanu-pf tell you. Obama just because he is black does not make him responsible to act like you thankfully.. Actually his Father in Kenyan and his mother is from America... He was actually never around his Kenyan father that much since Obama's parents divorced when he was young. Now he is elected president now all of Africa thinks he is obligated to first look after their needs. Get over it he is responsible to look after the people of the USA and not Zimbabwe or any other African country.

As for you comments toward our government and the KKK well you know nothing about either otherwise you would have never made the comment you just made showing how much you do not know about the government there or the people..

Trust me I know you have never set foot on American soil but you just read the Herald and listen to Mugabe and the Zanu-pf since you work for them...

Author: mabhiza
Sun Jun 14 15:26:04 2009

This post was deleted because it contravenes AllAfrica's commenting guidelines.

Author: afric35
Sun Jun 14 19:26:46 2009

Mabhiza just because I am not African does not make me biased unlike you but well many Africans even disagree with you... Everything you just quoted was a bunch of incidents that has happened occasionally in the USA but guess what Blacks kill whites there too not just as you want people to believe. So get off your all Holier than thou attitude and looked at your own hatred toward whites. At least in America we have left the past in the past unlike you you are still living during the days that Zimbabwe was a colony. That is why Zimbabwe cannot move forward because you want to live in the past.

So as I live in Africa it does not matter whether I am black, white, yellow or red but when I see the terrible crimes committed daily by the government with my own eyes it just saddens me at a so called government can get away with the things they do...

Author: Baba vaMunya
Mon Jun 22 15:04:13 2009

The PM is in the process of institutionalising MDC while Zanu is busy politicking over who takes over from the old man once he is unable to continue and that is a good thing but i am worried that the MDC has refused to solve its problems with our participation eg in Chitungwiza Marangehas become the new Mabamba yet people like Musundire are still defending him. We need a system of values which accepts bad things as bad and good as good disregarding the source. This game of silence is what destroyed Mugabe, when they were stealing he remained quiet now its haunting him.

Author: godfreymhlanga
Thu Jun 18 20:53:20 2009

The major problem is not with Morgan Tsvangirai. It is with us, Zimbabweans. We fail to appreciate and accord, the Prime Minister the respect that he deserves. I confess I was one of the many who was slow to appreciate his worth. I still have my reservations but I have come to the realization that Tsvangirai has contributed more to the advancement of democracy than any one of us has or ever will. Had it not been for Tsvangirai’s audacity Mugabe would still be running the country like his family business. I am not saying all is well and I am yet to be as optimistic as Tsvangirai, but for Tsvangirai to succeed we must give him the necessary moral support that he needs. Either way Mugabe is going to win. If Tsvangirai succeeds to persuade the west, Mugabe will claim credit and if Tsvangirai fails, Mugabe will blame Tsvangirai and “his western backers.” I would rather Tsvangirai succeeds because it will benefit ordinary Zimbabweans. Emotions blur our objectivity. We all would want Mugabe and his henchmen to pay for what they have done, but pragmatism cautions otherwise. We better get used to the idea that Mugabe may never pay for his sins. He is a master manipulator and the short life he has left is in his favor. His henchmen are still very powerful and anything that makes them feel threatened will undo everything that has been gained this far. Let us be smart and support Tsvangirai as best as we can. The time for retribution will come but now is not the time. Cambodians are hunting the Khmer Rouge thirty plus years later, but note that the Cambodians were smart enough to stabilize their country first. Zimbabweans should learn this very invaluable lesson from the Cambodian experience. To many, Tsvangirai is uneducated and not fit to run the country. I disagree. He may not be as adroit as Mugabe but it seems he is the best thing that Zimbabwe has. For 29 years we were patient as Mugabe destroyed the country and ruined our lives. I think it is only fair to be patient with the man who managed to stand up to a dictator.

Author: Phiri
Thu Jun 18 02:48:17 2009

Tsvangirai's optimism has also translated into a huge support for the Gov't of national Unity. The general Zimbabwean population is cautiously optimistic about the GNU. Generally speaking this bodes well for Zimbabwe.

Will this optimism carry the GNU and especially Robert Mugabe and Zanu-pf into a mode of wanting meaningful political, social and democracy changes? That has always been the issue and the question mark.

But hope is important, even in the face of a dictator like Mugabe who has been in power for over 27 years.

Author: emily_sorensen
Thu Jun 18 08:39:18 2009

Mugabe must certainly be worried about the next election. His efforts to derail the GNU have failed and we have started to see some green shoots in the Zimbabwean economy. This can only be due to the addition of the MDC to the government. The economy has been in a downward spiral for many many years and the MDC can take credit for turning this around.

Clearly the voters in Zimbabwe have also seen this and see that the MDC arent all the lies that Mugabe made them out to be.

I am worried however for the people of Zimbabwe. The next election there (I can guarantee) large scale intimidation of voters, deaths, torture and harrassement. Only because Mugabe and his extremists will refuse to go down without a fight. They will torture and kill their brothers and sisters in the rediculous heading of protecting the revolution.

There NEEDS to be a free and fair election in Zimbabwe. Bring in independent monitors from the SADC or AU. If Mugabe truely thinks he has the people behind them, then he wont reject indendent verification that the results are legitimate. If fact he should be promoting it. Its that simple!

Author: mabhiza
Sun Jun 14 13:23:58 2009

Tsvangi & his party sold their souls to forces of evil when they were used as proxies in the U.S & British fight against zanupf over the land reform programme and in the process Mdc proxies called for economic sanctions to be imposed on their own supporters..It's interesting that tsvangi is now holding talks and trying to convince private investors affiliated to the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA] that its now safe to invest in zim, the very same organisation that the Mdc regularly met over the years to convince them to shun zimbabwe until they're propelled to power...The Mdc is now in gvt and they have realised that they now need to change the mindset of their american partners of destruction into partners of construction but now the problem is that its proving to be impossible...The present dire situation is a result of Mdc's irresponsible sellouts who thought they needed to destroy an entire nation then reconstruct it..

Author: Cde Rhekeni
Sun Jun 14 19:44:53 2009

This so called Mabhiza believes in divisionism, such people will never be constructive and to ask him/her what Zimbabwe benefits from him/her there is nothing. Totally nothing ndopika na Mbuya Nehanda. These are the very same people we fought against during our war of liberation. He or she is a person who does not want to see Zimbabweans live in peace within or outside.

Author: Loshto of chirumhazi
Sun Jun 14 22:25:43 2009

de Rekeni God bless you, you are one of the few who is objective. If you ask people like Mabhiza the use of fertilizer his answer will be that it is a commodity for sale. He generally has no use for it despite the fact that he can use it on his farm. The very recipients of the farm mechanization programme who sold everything at Mbare Musika and now want to teach people about farming.

Author: emily_sorensen
Mon Jun 15 10:48:39 2009

Mabhiza - translation - poor deluded fool.

Author: George Warren
Tue Jun 16 19:55:36 2009

Mabizha, Look to the top right ad on this page about helping the poor destitute in Zimbabwe, What are your thoughts and who do you apportion the blame to.

Author: Amudu Barri
Mon Jun 15 19:41:27 2009

Obama is a bootlicking neo-con! His involvement in inviting Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai should be questioned when he could have also invited President Mugabe. That would at least appear to be unbiased. We see that Africa is critical in this struggle against imperialism and capitalism and His Excellency Robert Mugabe is defying the trends of colonial African Puppets, so the west uses the auspices of U.N. sanctions to subdue the masses of Zimbabwean people. This should be considered a crime against humanity by those that would impose such sanctions. All people should be self determined and it is only right that the white settlers should be relieved of the land they stole from Africans not just in Zimbabwe but throughout Africa and the rest of the world. Stay strong Zimbabwe we in the west are starting to realize the error in our ways! I am a so called African-American. I believe myself to be African and I unite with the struggles of Africans in Africa and throughout the Diaspora. We must unite and organize to expose the hypocrisy of Neo-Colonial, self serving, sell-outs no matter what the price. Because this is the only way we all can be free of our common enemy! Izwe Lethu y Afrika, Afrika Izwe Lethu!

Author: George Warren
Tue Jun 16 19:32:30 2009

Amadu when you first posted on the board you were Jallowlaw then you became Richerson88 then Lizard ka Hungwe, why the name changing all the time. Stay to the same psuedonem. Why are you in the states living off the americans when you are so close to Bob in heart. You have to be a CIO spy. When the Americans get wind of you being there they will soon ship you out.

Author: TexasBob
Mon Jun 15 02:41:57 2009

Until 6 months ago, this rookie politician probably couldn't find Zimbabwe on a map. Don't get your hopes up folks, Obama is too busy screwing up America to really get serious about your problems. And he is doing a great job messing with everything American.

Author: kjrs120
Tue Jun 16 08:30:00 2009

TexasBob, my suggestion to you is simple. As this is a wide, wide world, why put up with a simpleton of a president who screws up your life? Leave America and go back to Zimbabwe or if you think you are more capable than President Obama is, let us see you run America and I am sure even dumb George Bush would be a star compared to you. Yes I know your kind of thinking, as long as President Obama is a black man, he will never be good enough for you and I say this with all sincerity because you have put him down from the word go even making racial remarks about where he was raised when he first took office. Like it or not, Obama is your president and for you to say he did not know where Zimbabwe was on the map is a great insult. If you had even an ounce of his brains you would not be going from country to country begging for a place to stay. You have no roots. He has. Who is greater?

Author: Phiri
Sat Jun 20 02:48:16 2009

Texasbob, no surprise with your comments on Obama. You still prefer that low IQ George BUsh. You too are a low IQ white Man. Zimbabwe does not need low IQ White man. Stay in your ignorant Texas!!!

Author: George Warren
Sat Jun 20 20:52:48 2009

I think that Bob is the mugabe of Texas. Doesn't want to try to understand any other race, no wonder he's in the deep south.

Author: Omugabe
Mon Jun 15 14:09:53 2009

As the racist, devilish and destructive enemies are relentless in their evil efforts to plunder and dominate Africans, so too MUST Africans remain forever VIGILANT in order to beat back the criminal invader!

The vigilant leaders of the Chimurengas know this piece of wisdom all too well. And at every opportunity, Magnanimous Mugabe wisely sought to re-enforce this wisdom into the minds and hearts of the youth, who are the guardians of indigenous African space.

Long live Magnanimous Mugabe, African hero without a second.

Long live Magnanimous Mugabe, the Wise, the Virtuous, the Courageous.

Long live Magnanimous Mugabe, the Visionary, the Teacher.

And long live Zim Patriots & Pan Africanists who would to attune their minds and hearts to those of this great African leader, Magnanimous Mugabe!

With this vigilance and victory over relentless African enemies, Africans will create the Afrocentric societies of Peace, Progress & Prosperity, of Self-determination, Self-development, Self-sufficiency & Self-reliance.

Author: mabhiza
Mon Jun 15 16:21:51 2009

O'Mugabe,, you're truly gifted in remarkable writing..Keep the fire of our revolution burning, Good fella!!

Author: emily_sorensen
Mon Jun 15 16:36:52 2009


Author: N/a
Mon Jun 15 16:56:05 2009

Well Said AWT the idiots are just refering to africans meaning "Black" thats how racist they are!!!! African should mean anyone who is born on the african continent regardless what skin colour he/she is i really wonder how people do business with these idiots from other continents they are a disgrace!!!!

Author: N/a
Mon Jun 15 17:00:12 2009


Author: N/a
Mon Jun 15 17:05:19 2009

p.s. sounds like some people have got the umph because they will not get the dosh!!! aw my!!!!

Author: mabhiza
Mon Jun 15 19:05:53 2009

N/a...Even if you're overpowered with emotions,you need to make sure that you have finished writing whatever nonsense you had on your mind at that moment b4 you rush to post instead of ending up posting 3 rantings in succession..This makes you look wonder you're failing to identify yourself, nameless idiot..

Author: emily_sorensen
Mon Jun 15 19:23:59 2009

Good comeback Mabhiza, think of that yourself. Well done. Clap clap to you. You mum would be proud.


Author: d_bokk
Mon Jun 15 20:22:54 2009

Wow, awt... you're still here? Get a life, kid.

Author: emily_sorensen
Mon Jun 15 21:01:10 2009

Haha... the irony of your comment is hilarious!

Author: N/a
Tue Jun 16 13:40:56 2009 is not complaining if i post a p.s. u do not own!!!!

Author: George Warren
Tue Jun 16 19:42:09 2009

N/A, spot on with that. I had a very good friend at the surveyor generals in Harare and when we met in the street, he would call me a snow flake/honke/milk drop and I would call him you black bastard/boog/hote, but being friends it was all in jest. Another native Zimbabwean heard us the one day and decided to lay into me verbally and told me to go back to white Europe. My friend Jonathen, turned on him and asked him where he was born. It turned out that he was born in Germany. So Jonathen told him to go back to Europe with his European brothers and leave us Africans alone. This guy ( like takunya and co) spat at the ground by him and said he was a traitor to the revolution. That says it all doesn't it.

Author: N/a
Wed Jun 17 16:14:18 2009

yep Zola!!!!

Author: George Warren
Mon Jun 15 17:52:34 2009

I'll go one further, Bloody stupid idiot.

Author: George Warren
Wed Jun 17 07:58:01 2009

keep our revolution burning? For once you have said something constructive, your revolution can carry on burning in hell. Well done mabizha/takunya/tokolosh/idiot.

Author: mabhiza
Fri Jun 12 16:25:05 2009

I don't understand how a journalist from Zimbabwe would parrot the western 'targeted sanctions mantra' as if he is unaware that the same economic sanctions are hitting his own mother, father, sister,etc in Zimbabwe..Chimira ndikubayire zanhi..Dumi,, u're a disgrace to our nation..Dumisani, you need to put the interests of your own people first even if u're being sponsored to prop up the embargo becoz,Dumi the sanctions you're trying to gloss over have made innocent people suffer and if u have a conscience u have to rethink & start condemning these ruinous,evil,henious economic sanctions against our innocent fellow zimbabweans becoz zimbabweans, including those in Mdc who called for them, have now started to realise that the sanctions are hitting everyone in zim & the socio-economic damage can eventually be irreparable..Dumisani,You have to put your people's interests first..How can u say 'targeted sanctions on mugabe and his cronies' when banks, mines, industries are being embargoed and thousands of workers are thrown in the streets daily..How can u say 'targeted sanctions on mugabe and his cronies' when imf,world bank and international financial institutions are barring us from accessing lines of credit to repair our people's roads, sewage and water pipes and other socio-economic services..We have to think of our children and our descendants first..What future are they going to have if the sanctions destroy everything???Having said all that, the greatest tragedy would be not to learn from all this as history is bound to repeat itself. My view is, at NO TIME in our lives must it be acceptable for a journalist& any other person to gloss over economic sanctions against his very own country....

Anyway on another note, we will never allow Americans a chance to devide our civil servants in broad daylight like that..Nowhere in the world can aid be given only to a certain section of civil servants while depriving the other sections..This is another american evil ploy to forment unrest amongst our civil servants..They want to use that aid as propaganda..If they are not prepared to provide aid to all civil servants then they can keep their money...

Author: rmkooistra
Fri Jun 12 19:19:19 2009

There are many things you do not seem to understand Tacky/Mabizar. Most probably this journalist knows very well there are only targeted sanctions on a list of individuals and not on the state of Zimbabwe as such and he for sure knows the only way out for Zimbabwe, is to get rid of the bloodstained voterigger Mugabe. Do you really think other countries are going to pay the Zimbabwean murderers, abducters, torturers, lying Herald journalists, farm invaders and lunatics like you always commenting nonsense during Herald officehours?

Author: mabhiza
Fri Jun 12 21:53:02 2009

This post was deleted because it contravenes AllAfrica's commenting guidelines.

Author: afric35
Sat Jun 13 06:23:11 2009

I can accept this as this money will not go to the government directly and allow Mugabe and the Zanu-pf to take the money and use it for themselves but if this money can be given in a way that there is accountability in how it is used and most importantly it will truly help the people it is intended to help as well as help the country!

The United States will provide $73 million in aid to Zimbabwe, President Obama announced Friday after meeting with Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai at the White House. President Obama ( praised Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai at the White House on Friday.

President Obama praised Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai at the White House on Friday.

"I obviously have extraordinary admiration for the courage and tenacity that the prime minister has shown in navigating through some very difficult political times in Zimbabwe," Obama said.

"There was a time when Zimbabwe was the breadbasket of Africa, and [it] continues to have enormous potential. It has gone through a very dark and difficult time politically."

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe "has not acted oftentimes in the best interest of the Zimbabwean people and has been resistant to the democratic changes that need to take place," Obama said. "We now have a power-sharing agreement that shows promise, and we want to do everything we can to encourage the kinds of improvement not only on human rights and rule of law, freedom of the press and democracy that is so necessary, but also on the economic front."

The U.S. aid will not be going to the government directly "because we continue to be concerned about consolidating democracy, human rights and rule of law," Obama said. "But it will be going directly to the people in Zimbabwe."

In a CNN interview following his meeting with Obama, Tsvangirai said he is grateful for the generosity. "Whether it is humanitarian aid or transitional support, it adds up to the relief that Zimbabwe is seeking," he said.

Tsvangirai said he told Obama he would like the United States to use its global influence to assist Zimbabwe in dealing with the challenges it faces.

Tsvangirai said he understood other nations' reluctance to support the Zimbabwean government, given Mugabe's controversial history.

"I think it's fair," he said. "I understand it, given our history, and I'm not going to defend President Mugabe." But, he noted, the two have agreed to work together and help Zimbabwe progress as a nation.

In remarks with Obama, Tsvangirai said progress has been made by the transitional government, but much remains to be done. "It is the problems of implementation," he said. "... even by the standard of our own benchmarks, there are gaps that still exist." He said he would continue to strive to meet those benchmarks, not for the international community, but because "it gives [the] people of Zimbabwe freedom and opportunity to grow."

The power-sharing arrangement between Tsvangirai, the leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, and Mugabe came after contested elections last year.

"Of course we cannot brush away that history, that sad history," Tsvangirai told CNN. But he said he is hoping the country will heal and move forward, and wants even those skeptical of Mugabe to appreciate the transition process.

Asked whether he believes Mugabe should retire, Tsvangirai said "at the age of 85, I think one needs to retire." But, he said, for his own legacy, it's important for him to be thinking about a "dignified exit."

"I think that [the power-sharing government] provides him with this opportunity," Tsvangirai said.

Asked about his relationship with Mugabe, he said, "We don't have to fall in love to work together. But we have accepted that we have made an agreement to have a workable relationship between the two political parties." He said there had been acrimony between the two, but they realized it was not helping the Zimbabwean people.

"We are inspired by people like Nelson Mandela, who had to go for 27 years in jail but still come out and say, 'Let's forget about the past' ..." he said. He and Mugabe have chosen the process of dialogue rather than violence, Tsvangirai said. "Let history judge whether this historic experiment was the right course of action.

Author: mabhiza
Sat Jun 13 08:54:02 2009

Afric35, no need for u to copy and paste news fron other websites, you're wasting space for other people who also want to post their comments here...Anyway,What can we expect from a european with an empty skull apart from bitterness rantings towards President R.G.M and zanu pf for taking what your fellow white settlers had stolen from us that is our land..Just like that pathetic Boer rmkooistra, you think that revenge against the entire country is the way to go...Manje,that indiscriminate revenge is now hitting your fellow settlers in zim who are now being evacuated by their British government as sanctions are taking a huge toll on them &their businesses..

Author: afric35
Sat Jun 13 10:36:05 2009

mabhiza well as are you wasting space and at least there is truth in what I write unlike you , so just an eye opener for your ignorance I am not European.You and those who think like you days are numbered so you better change your thinking or find a good hiding space. The days of Mugabe are coming to an end.....

So keep all of your biased assumptions to yourself..

Author: takunya_ndebvu
Mon Jun 15 11:09:50 2009

Afric35 (Brit35/Euro35);

Why must you deny your origin and race when you have said on several occasions that you are of European extraction? Is it an attempt to hide away from the atrocities you have committed against the Black people of Africa? You, just like you friend Awt, have exterminated, genocidal style, the African people and in some cases making them a minority in their own land of birth.

I started calling you 'Brit35' when you revealed your true identity that you are a descendent of the killers of the Africa people and now you want to deny it, WHY?

Is it not fashionable to be a white supremacist? Does it not feel nice to know that you have slaughtered, enslaved, murdered, raped, maimed, subjugated, dispossessed, oppressed and exterminated a certain race without the poor Africans doing the same to you?

Does it not feel great that some stupid and unclever Africans like Chachacha, Listho wa Chirumhanzu and other idiots on here support the genocide you are committing in Zimbabwe today through sanctions?

Author: afric35
Mon Jun 15 11:43:39 2009

Takunya you are the one making the assumptions that I was European because I did not agree with you and your very few friends here so that is your fault. You are not even loyal to your own country your loyalty lies with Mugabe and the Zanu-pf only even true Zimbabweans have called your hand and revealed who you truly are...

So get used to it very soon the ways of Mugabe and the Zanu-pf will no longer exist no matter if you like it or not!It is their ways and mindset that has destroyed Zimbabwe so stop blaming the rest of the world because Mugabe and the Zanu-pf have had 30 years to do something as leaders of Zimbabwe and they have failed..

Author: N/a
Mon Jun 15 13:53:08 2009

Afric35 just ignore Whacky Tacky How sic can some people be!!!hope he changes his name to tacky tokolosh!!!

Author: rmkooistra
Sat Jun 13 08:56:12 2009

Takunya/Mabiza I am certainly not a former white farmer, I have never been to Rhodesia, Zimbabwe or South Africa. Many times to Africa though. I do not hate Zimbabweans at all but I do not accept a criminal murderous voterigger as head of any state. Did you read about the caraccident of this former zimbabwean judge in SA this week. I think I read it in the SA Times. He had a lot of Zanu inside information. He called Mugabe a fraud and stated Zanu/Mugabe fraud started the very first day they took office. And that's what it's all about. I further do not object landreforms but offcourse not in the way they take place in Zimbabwe. They could have made farmworkers shareholders or something so foodproduction would have continued. I live in 2009 and I did not invent Apartheid. Funny you don't seem to realize if you kick white Zimbabwean farmers out of their houses because of the colour of their skin you tell me who is playing the Apartheidcard here. My nationality has nothing to do with the situation in Zimbabwe but thanks for giving my friends a good laugh when I showed them you really think I am a bittered former white farmer. And people who destroy their own currency and foodprouction and call other people stupid do have a problem I would say.

Author: rmkooistra
Sat Jun 13 09:12:09 2009

Mabiza/takunya, I forgot. You say there is so much hate in people who are not Mugabe enthusiasts. Well I invite you to have a look at Have a look at the photos and at the terroralbum. It shows the true face of Zanu. Pure evil !!!

Author: mabhiza
Sat Jun 13 09:39:04 2009

This post was deleted because it contravenes AllAfrica's commenting guidelines.

Author: emily_sorensen
Sat Jun 13 12:11:09 2009

Mabhiza / takunya I notice you are quick to attack his character... easy to do when you have no argument to the well thought out points he had...

Author: George Warren
Sat Jun 13 19:08:32 2009

Rm, you my good friend would be more than welcome to come and reside in the new Zimbabwe. We need good people like yourself to help build a better place for all of our children, black/white/coloured/asian. We will be a new nation under a proper democracy under the loving rule of the almighty Jesus Christ. It has been fortold that this shall happen.

Author: moltecc
Tue Jun 16 08:24:06 2009

This post was deleted because it contravenes AllAfrica's commenting guidelines.

Author: George Warren
Tue Jun 16 19:13:41 2009

Moltec, what was that all about. Please tell. Are you going to be grown up about this or not. If not go away. I rebuke your comment in the name of Jesus Christ and your comment can burn in hell.

Author: George Warren
Mon Jun 15 18:02:12 2009

Mabizha/Takunya/Moyondzivo/Tokolosh/ Major Idiot, You put in words the other week that you would never use shona again on this website, but you continue to. So we'll put that down as point 44 in your list of lies. Tak apologises for using other languages. I see that Mugabe asked you to be on this site in a full time capacity from your CIO job.

Author: Mai Misodzi
Fri Jun 12 22:01:25 2009

Mabiza go to hell you have nothing to contribute that is beneficial to Zimbabweans. You have this attitude of trying to represent Zimbabweans because you work for the intelligence services Kazi uri ex-auxilliary tokuketa go to hell.

Author: mabhiza
Fri Jun 12 22:28:58 2009

This post was deleted because it contravenes AllAfrica's commenting guidelines.

Author: zimean
Sat Jun 13 02:37:48 2009

the values, principles, aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe are not any different from those of the people of the world. Love,kindness, generosity, respect for another human being and the rule of law, better life for themselves and their offspring, equal opportunities, provision of healthcare. They have been prostituted though. Blame it on sanctions,blame it on everything and everyone except ZANU PF, Mugabe and his cronies. Why is it so easy to defend the indefensible than the defenceless majority. What is so hard about calling a spade a spade.

Author: afric35
Sat Jun 13 06:03:40 2009

mahbiza you respect no one or nothing but the ideals of yourself which is Mugabe's and the Zanu-pf ideals so stop with your fake put on of how you care. It become clear more with each visit Zimbabwe is getting no help because of Mugabe and the Zanu-pf ideals who abuse their power to stay in power no matter what the cost even if it means their own people suffering. With this they will get no help from a majority of the world and as of yet not seen any real money from Southern Africa and with their defiance against the SADC ruling over these farms well it helps see Mugabe's true colors as well as the Zanu-pf's they care about nothing other than themselves.

So go crying back to them and again start lashing out at the West as you always do and blame the them for all of Zim's problems. When you are ready for truth you will then accept that over the past 30 years it has been Mugabe and the Zanu-pf whom have failed Zimbabwe and its people. The West has nothing to do with them not doing their jobs but when you steal, kill and destroy anything and everything around you well it will come back around to you.

Author: TD
Sat Jun 13 08:01:42 2009

africa35, this is not herald, but independent talking about economic sanctions, do you still deny the existence of economic sanctions on Zimbabwe, i am sure its becoming difficult to defend the indefensible now.

Author: afric35
Sat Jun 13 14:07:13 2009

TD go and console your buddy mabhiza, takunya or whoever he is because he is your only friend here and your arguments prove nothing but it reveals to all the world who you support. Even many Zimbabweans agree it is time for Mugabe to go so get over it... The problems in your country started with Mugabe and the Zanu-pf, so the sooner you see that is what is causing all of Zimbabwe's problems the sooner you will see Zimbabwe get back on its feet. No one wants to recolonize Zim please that is just another silly excuse to blame the West for all of Zimbabwe's problems..

Author: TD
Sun Jun 14 01:20:33 2009

africa35, name calling will not help anyone, admit that the economic sanctions are there and are partly to blame for the misery in Zimbabwe at the moment. I will not exonerate any of the politicians including MDC and ZPF for being partly responsible for the misery in Zim right now, but stop bootlicking MT and defend him thru and thru even when he messes up. Asi wamukadzi waMT here? I asked you about Bush and Obama who also deserve to be tried at the Hague for butchering the innocent IRAQIS and Afghanistans

Author: afric35
Sun Jun 14 06:21:28 2009

TD you have truly lost your mind I have not called you any names (buddy means friend) and you admit that Mugabe and the Zanu-pf are the problems here because Mugabe is your President and with the help of his party they are to lead your country. They have failed so you start blaming everyone else for your problems real smart..

As far as Bush and Obama well in a war which has been sanction by many countries from the America's, Asia, Middle East, and Africa so stop trying to make them sound like Mugabe. If you we should talk about anyone being tried for war crimes we should start with Mugabe....

You know the truth but as a loyal follower of Mugabe and the Zanu-pf of course you only support their principles..

Author: TD
Sun Jun 14 09:09:47 2009

africa35, oh my foot, which world do you live in. The IRAQ was not, and i repeat NOT sanctioned by the interantional community. The UN said NO, and Bush decided to lie to everybody that there were weapons of Mass Destruction in IRAQ. Even people in USA, including Obama have condemned this war, you are probably the only one defending Bush. Now that he is no longer a sitting president, he belongs to the ICC. Bob's time will come, and if he has to be tried so be it. Stop this nonsense of war, its not justified, Bob might as well justify what happened in Matebeleland as war, if you start bringing up such arguments, unacceptable. You are running away from the question of sanctions my friend, admit, facts are stubborn.

Author: afric35
Sun Jun 14 14:14:21 2009

TD well you have no clue because we could have not went into Iraq unless it was a sanctioned war but since you are a friend of omugabe well you more than likely work for Mugabe and his crew so of course you will spread lies but well you are doing a bad job at lying.... The truth is known by all and you remember the truth will set you free too once you accept it..

Author: ragtimer
Sun Jun 14 22:53:30 2009

"Now that he is no longer a sitting president, he belongs to the ICC."

If Bush gets sent to the ICC, democracy in the US will end with the next election. The Constitution of the US says that Presidents may not be held criminally responsible for their actions in office once they leave. This is how President Nixon managed to avoid going to jail by resigning before he could be tried and convicted of the break-ins at the Watergate Motel.

Complain about the unfairness if you like, but that particular Constitutional article is there for a simple if brutal reason... if the President can be thrown in jail after he leaves office, then every President will fight to stay in office for the rest of their life, and use the military to kill their own countrymen if they have to, just to avoid going to prison. Democracies that do not let their Presidents retire peacefully devolve into brutally repressive police states the first time anyone votes against him, usually once the next election occurs. The US will become no different, if Bush is sent to the ICC.

Author: mabhiza
Sat Jun 13 09:21:05 2009

This post was deleted because it contravenes AllAfrica's commenting guidelines.

Author: emily_sorensen
Sat Jun 13 12:13:01 2009

In other words, because others a abusing their people, its ok for us to do it too. What a stupid defence!

Author: imccusker
Fri Jun 12 23:01:39 2009

what you fail to understand is that there is a global recession and people are losing jobs everywhere.the plight of zimbabwe has mainly to do with the human rights, rule of law and government by the people for the people.what is it you are asking for? free trade or aid ? trade with china !exactly how are these so called sanctions by the west preventing you from doing business with the chinese ? ex zimbabweans will return in droves to rebuild what you have destroyed only after the aboementioned are effected and we wont need to beg for aid, just hard work and lots of pride and dignity !

Author: prem
Sat Jun 13 10:00:15 2009

Lunatic Mahbiza is unable to understand anything. He is at a loss to realize that it's criminal Mugabe who destroyed Zimbos' prosperity by his reckless and corrupt deals in favour of himself and his cronies.

What else can one expect from an illegitimate president of a rotten banana republic?

Author: George Warren
Sat Jun 13 19:20:53 2009

It really stands to reason that Mabhiza/takunya and others realise that Bob's Look east policy has failed miserably and they now want the targetted sanctions lifted so they can fill their pockets again. It's that simple,look east look east look east and the east has told Zim no Not even the north koreans want to to invest in Zim although if the want to, they could test one of the nuclear misiles on Bob's house. Just get the ordinary loving citizens out first so only the bulls**t gets blasted to hell.If Bob wants his name off the targetted sanctions list then behave like a good little boy and sit on the naughty step for 85 months.

Author: ragtimer
Sun Jun 14 22:10:25 2009

"I don't understand how a journalist from Zimbabwe would parrot the western 'targeted sanctions mantra' as if he is unaware that the same economic sanctions are hitting his own mother, father, sister,etc in Zimbabwe."

Mostly because it's true. The truth doesn't change, regardless of how many people deny it or believe in it.

Author: loveuniversal
Fri Jun 12 19:50:35 2009

There should be reforms made whether the U.S. government wants to financially help Zimbabwe or not. Zimbabwe should do what was written in the "Zimbabwe Report".

Author: Amudu Barri
Mon Jun 15 16:03:25 2009

Robert Mugabe represents a transition in the state power structure in Africa. He does bend to the demands of the West so all of Zimbabwe is paying for it. We Africans that are abroad primarily in the west must unit and organize and support President Mugabe because it is just that the land and resources be given back to the people and the blodd sucking racist white settlers should be relocated back to there Euro-Caves! All of the wealth in Europe and America is built on the genocide and rape of all peoples around there world. we can not isolate ourselves from the global struggle we should unite with Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea, Plaestine, Venezuela, Cuba, and so forth to undermine this parasite. Even here in america we are realizing that Barack Obama represents the dire straights that capitalism and imperialism are suffering for his role is to pacify the people and woo us back into an unfavorable situation. He is a Neo-Colonial Puppet! Mark my words when sends troops from America into Africa. Mugabe's fight when he wins will begin the fall of these neo-colonial puppets throughout Africa. Izwe Lethu y Afrika, Afika Izwe Lethu! One Africa, One nation!

Author: mabhiza
Mon Jun 15 16:56:45 2009

Well said, AMUDU BARRI,a true african!!, President Mugabe is the only African revolutionary hero who took a revolution further to economic independence after the political liberation..More and more africans are getting enlightened on matters concerning Zimbabwe visa-vis Cde R.G.M and his struggle..After political independence in 1980,Cde R.G.M then went on to take the african revolution to its logical conclusion, that is the land reclamation and the control of natural resources to the indeginous blacks..It is becoz of this reason that you see these white supremacist,racist regimes in United States & Europe relentlesly campaigning for his deposition using illegal economic sanctions and puppets..They want to install a puppet regime subservant to their racist neo colonial interests..Some of the individuals from these western regimes on this blog have already made that clear..Therefore like you said that africans must unite & support Cde Mugabe in his pan africanist struggle to thwart evil european&american domination of africans...Finally, its true what u said that Barack Obama represents the dire straights of capitalism and imperialism He is a Neo-Colonial Puppet,,Obama is just a neo colonial proxy in a white racist american establishment...

Author: George Warren
Mon Jun 15 18:08:08 2009

Mabizha, now you praise your transvestite self on the board. Tokolosh Amadu Barri, what a stupid name.

Author: afric35
Mon Jun 15 18:26:13 2009

Amudu Barri since you dislike America pack your bags and go back home....... No you are enjoying the comforts of America that you know does not exist in Zim b/c of Mugabe and the Zanu-pf....

Be careful that bite the hand that feeds you just think on this proverb..

Author: Amudu Barri
Mon Jun 15 19:47:39 2009

I am here to enlighten the mases in america of their wrongs and once I get my reparations and justice for the natives here in america I will leave. Americans can not see that they stole this country from the so-called indians and the wealth of this country was created from the blod, sweat, and tears of my Ancestors, African slaves. So I am fighting for everything you owe me with interest. america is falling and I love seeing you crackas sweat! Welcome to reality...

Author: afric35
Tue Jun 16 19:01:29 2009

Amudu Barri I am a descendant of the Native American Indians but guess what me as well as many other descendants do not seek to destroy a country because of what happened in the past. The past is the past so let it be but no you and the few other Mugabe loyalists here live in the past so how can you expect to have a future.

I see you like name calling and cannot even do a good job of that so learn how to spell. America owes you nothing so be careful on the ground you tread on or maybe you will get to go home sooner than you want too..

Author: George Warren
Tue Jun 16 19:22:35 2009

Exactly Afric35, I like what you said. I totally agree, the past is the past and it can't be changed. It's how we view the future as to how we teach our children. The more we hurt one another the situation just gets worse. You are very very right when you say Amadu can pack her/his bags and get out.

Keep up the good work and God Bless.

Author: N/a
Thu Jun 18 16:28:16 2009

Well done Zola!!! u have said it in one sentence that has prompted me to share this with you by Dorothy Law Nolte: If children live with criticism theylearn to condemn If children live with hostility , they learn to fight If children live with fear they learn to be apprehensive If children live with pity, they learn to feel sorry for themselves If children live with ridicule they learn to feel shy If children live with jealousy they learn to feel envy If children live with shame, they learn to feel guilty If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence If children live with tolerance, they learn patience If children live with praise, they learn appreciation If children live with approval they learn to like themselves. If children live with recognition they learn it is good to have a goal If children live with sharing they learn generosity If children live with honesty, they learn truthfulness If children live with fairness, they learn justice If children live with kindness and consideration they learn RESPECT If children live with security, they learn to have faith in themselves and in those about them If children live with friendliness they learn that the world is a nice place in which to live!

Author: George Warren
Fri Jun 19 09:01:18 2009

N/A, i have never read a truer word. That was really brilliant. Keep up the good work.

Author: takunya_ndebvu
Wed Jun 17 16:53:39 2009


You are lying!! How can you be Irish today, British tomorrow and Native American the next day? At one time you said you were Irish what has happened? You are a liar!! That is what former colonizers do; always changing like a chameleon.

Threatening to expel someone because they have exercised their freedom of speech and are expressing views different from yours is typical of the CIA and MI6. Very soon we shall be hearing that Amudu Barri is a member of an Al Qaeda cell in some State in America and was preparing to bomb a building or plane and so should be sent to Guantanamo prison and rot there without trial.

It’s all fake, and its fantasy to say there is freedom of speech in Obama’s America and Obama himself cannot do anything about it because he went into a well established oppressive system which he has no power to change and blacks in America will remain oppressed for ever. Their hope of a change in their fortunes is slowly fading.

Another thing, the PRESENT is built on the PAST and the FUTURE on the PRESENT. There is no way we cannot talk about the PAST when it is the PAST that shaped us to be what we are today. We are poor because of the past where a racist white minority group of invaders brutalized, colonized, dispossessed and made us fourth class citizens in our own country.

We live in semi-arid and rocky areas today because your white race considered themselves superior to blacks to the extent of enslaving, oppressing, subjugating, killing, maiming and dispossessing us of everything. The only way to correct these past injustices is to know how we lived before, during and after colonialism – simply put - KNOWING ONE'S HISTORY.

Author: George Warren
Thu Jun 18 07:32:11 2009

Tokolosh, you call Afric35 a liar, a bit rich don't you think when your own list of lies has reached 45 points now. Oh yes you say you are a pastor, but you are a farmer using a whitemans tractor, I see where your spelling mistake is now, You are not a pastor of people bute you have been put out to pasture You definately paster it now.

Author: juhlman
Thu Jun 18 02:52:56 2009


Dream on! You actually think you're going to get "reparations"? YOU didn't suffer, your ancestors did! Or maybe you'd prefer the "worker's paradise" of Zimbabwe to the oppressive U.S.A.?

Or maybe you'd just as soon find yourself in a private villa in the carribean with your "reparations".........

Ain't gonna happen - laugh at the "crackers" all you want, but your President Obama is spending so much, their isn't gonna be any money left for "reparations".

This land wasn't stolen from YOU - YOU happen to be benifitting from it at the present moment - ask yourself what do YOU owe to the indians who were driven from this land!

Go ahead! Go back to Africa, we won't miss people like you! You're either part of the solution, or part of the problem............

"Total Empowerment!"

Author: jeffjedi06
Fri Jun 19 03:56:12 2009

Dear rafi, As a black Zimbabwean I take your comments and ideology as being offensive and pathetic. You obviously dont live in Zimbabwe or you wouldnt write such utter rubbish. Go and take your rubbish comments to that piece of trash called robert mugabe and shove them up where it fits best. He will know where that place is, if you dont.

Author: George Warren
Fri Jun 19 09:05:08 2009

Jeff, If i met you in the street, I would want to shake you by the hand and want to have a drink with you. Zimbabwe needs more like yourself.

Author: papa nyods
Fri Jun 12 14:17:40 2009

God bless our Prime Minister Morgan Richard Tsvangirayi, this man is helping to restore Zimbabwe whilst his Ministers like Sekai Holland (married to a white man) are trying to destroy everything with the help of BBC. To be very honest with you guys, White people are not happy about the situation in Zimbabwe.

Author: ragtimer
Wed Jun 17 06:40:11 2009

The white man is not happy about the situation in Zimbabwe, but not for the reasons you think. In all my travels I have never seen a race that cares so much more about what others think of them, than they care about life itself.

Author: afric35
Wed Jun 17 07:56:11 2009

ragtimer tell me where in your many travels have you have been then I will comment more on your statement???

Author: tatenda
Mon Jun 15 10:00:20 2009

It is a misleading headline by "The Herald" that the PM hits another brickwall. The money extended to the people of Zimbabwe by the US is through the efforts of the PM, so he didn't hit any brick wall. Even the PM himself, would be worried if the money goes straight to the cofers of Gideon. The minister had a successful mission. It is really unfortunate thet the herald is still biased and it still reports falsehoods. For instance, it is misinforming the public in Zimbabwe that the PM's visit to the US and Europe is to negotiate the lifting of Sanctions. That is not the purpose of the PM's visit.The PM is concerned about investiment, and not sanctions.

Author: chachacha
Mon Jun 15 10:37:40 2009

The following text might help clarify why the Herald felt that Morgan hit a brickwall. The brickwall meant by The Herald refers to Mugabe and company, getting nothing out of the deal. ‘‘I have committed US$73 million in assistance to Zimbabwe . . . (the aid) will not be going to the government directly because we continue to be concerned about consolidating democracy, human rights and rule of law, but it will be going directly to the people in Zimbabwe," said Obama in a statement after meeting Tsvangirai. So who hit a clear brickwall.

Author: mabhiza
Mon Jun 15 10:47:32 2009

TATENDA,,the headline in the herald is very much TRUE!..Tsvangi hit another brickwall in the U.S becoz he failed to convince Americans to lift the economic sanctions that he called for..The purpose of tsvangi's visit to united states was to call for the lifting of sanctions he invited to the country inorder to make innocent people suffer and they vote for him..The purpose of tsvangi's visit was to negotiate an economic aid package to be injected into the economy not into humanitarian aid or NGO's..That US$73 million is going to the NGO'S and humanitarian aid not into the ECONOMY, therefore tsvangi's trip to the U.S was a failure becoz the economic sanctions he called for still remain in place..Tatenda, don't be narrow minded..

Author: emily_sorensen
Mon Jun 15 11:44:27 2009

Mabhiza, Tsvangirai and Obama never even bothered to talk about your fictitious sanctions! This is just the herald spinning its usual nonsense!

Did you not see in Obama and Tsvangirai speeches that your fictitious sanctions were never even mentioned? In fact Tsvangirai thanked the US for their continued support!

People :  Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe is the President of Zimbabwe.

Author: kingswood
Sun Sep 28 08:09:46 2008

To re construct Zimbabwe’s Agriculture she must look East from where the sun rises, and not to the Darkness from where the sun sets. Zimbabwe must use the Asian Agriculture module where it puts the people directly on the land Asia with its all inclusive system has shown the world how to feed its teeming billions Africa can learn noting from the West but how to exploit itself The East will teach Africa how to cooperate with itself,

Author: mabhiza
Wed Jun 17 15:29:58 2009

President Robert Gabriel Mugabe is the Head of state, Head of Government, The supreme commander in chief of the defence forces of zimbabwe..African liberation, revolutionary hero..Reknowned fighter against white supremacists,imperialism and colonialism..Standing ovations after standing ovations for the legendary pan africanist..All african leaders will salute the icon at the AU summit in july..

Author: afric35
Wed Jun 17 16:45:07 2009

mabhiza maybe a standing ovation by the Zanu-pf and you but outside of that that are no stand ovations for Mugabe. If he makes it to July well you are right he may get a standing ovation from their backsides (behinds))........

Author: mabhiza
Wed Jun 17 19:00:36 2009

What's really your problem Afric35[Euro35] when it comes to President Mugabe's popularity??..You just can't stomach the absolute fact that after a decade of a spirited campaign by the likes of u and your Western regimes against Cde Mugabe ,he is sill a widely respected figure in the African continent..You know what Euro35, you have to understand that after years of demonisation and propaganda towards an african hero by the racist media like bbc,cnn,sky news,fox tv,cbs,then comes a time when the propaganda starts faltering and it will be doing the opposite of what it's meant to achieve..Right now, western media is now getting discredited by a growing number of africans in regards to it's racist propaganda towards the african legend-Cde R.G.M.,thanks to the own goals these racists are scoring themselves...Euro35 you have to accept that western leaders ,their media &the embittered likes of you CANNOT force the entire world to hate a particular leader, becoz the rational people around the world will always establish the real reasons behind your hate towards that leader, that is the leader's refusal to surrender their independence,dignity and resources to you..EURO35, Have u ever imagined why leaders like President Amadinejad, President Chavez, Pres Morales, Pres Castro, President Mugabe remain popular despite western demonisation??

Author: afric35
Thu Jun 18 06:24:56 2009

mabhiza for starters shut up with the Euro35 crap because I am not not from Europe... It is not only the West who dislikes Mugabe there are are plenty of Africans who dislike him just as much as well as Asians. There are plenty of people who do not like him in his own country.

The Western Media is propaganda to you because they do not portray Mugabe as a here like the Herald and people like you do it is not they are lying.... Just because Mugabe liberated Zimbabwe that does does not make him a hero but in his past 30 years as president he has killed, tortured, robbed among many other things in Zimbabwe so that is not what a hero does....

The African leaders act they like him when they are in his presence but what do they say about him when he is not around????? Many are afraid of Mugabe because everyone knows his background and and dealings. Plus as corrupt African leaders well they are afraid to speak against him then they will be revealed for who they truly are...

So you see Mugabe is only a hero to the Zanu-pf and their loyal followers and after that the rest of the world and including other African countries could care less about him. How much money has the SADC given to Zimbabwe? nada, they have promised but well that money has yet to be given to Zim....

Author: mabhiza
Thu Jun 18 09:55:04 2009

Afric35[EURO35]/[AMERIC35],This is the kind of arrogance i was talking about earlier on,your continued refusal to accept Cde Mugabe's popularity despite the facts that re now emerging on the ground..Afric35, u said it yourself that Cde Mugabe liberated Zimbabwe[from your white oppression]..African leaders don't fear Cde Mugabe, they respect him even if they're threatened with cutting off of budgetary support by western governments..African leaders respect and sympathise with him becoz they understand what it's like to be in his shoes..Earlier on, i said that more and more africans are realising that they were manipulated by racist western media and propaganda,meaning that africans and the world at large is still in the process of realising the truth about the reason behind western regime change agenda that is land reform programme not redherrings like democracy, human rights, rule of law etc..Western hypocrisy &double standards in their dealings with Zimbabwe and other african nations is now all too clear &exposed to be ignored by any rational african..Of course some people who were manipulated by this racist propaganda will never get enlightened or will take time to re-adjust their mindset, After all,no African liberation hero has been able to win the hearts and minds of everybody...Euro35,the absolute fact is that President Mugabe is a widely respected liberation hero in Zimbabwe and Africa at large, you continue to deny this at your own peril..Anyway,EURO35,Why deny to be named after your origins?,are u ashamed?..

Author: afric35
Thu Jun 18 10:40:16 2009

mabhiza the only arrogant one here is you and you stink at that and by the way my origins is simple I am a Native American Indian so stop your hatred toward anyone that has white skin or they are from there so then you hate them. That would be like me hating all black Americans which I do not unlike you I have many Black friends and we agree about Mugabe not be loyal to him because of his skin color. You work for Mugabe and the Zanu-pf so you have to say all of this I understand but just know I can start lining up Zimbabweans and other Africans who see Mugabe as a thorn in their flesh.... Mugabe is loved by few and hated by most so you can accept it or do your usual thing start name calling like a little child then blasting anyone of white origin.....

You never respond to the story you are all about name calling and bashing anyone with white skin or origin then you go back to the past well the past is behind you but for some reason you still want to live in the past and that is where you will die...

Author: rafil
Thu Jun 18 17:55:38 2009

There are some group of deluded souls on this thread who deliberately spread lies and mis- information.For these set of liars eg, zolazolazolazuzuzu,prem,ouch dependent,euro 35 and a couple of other blind liars,they really don,t matter, the game of stealing in broad daylight is over get used to the fact that THE LAND WILL NEVER REVERT,get that into your evil filled heads.These set of nonentities have argued like hell that Zimbabwe is not under sanctions until recently when the cat was let out of the bag.Personally, replying whatever these set of people (chronically sired liars)post in here is a waste of time ,ignoring them is the best option. Damn the imperialists divide and rule tactics, the Africans will Unite and kick their ass out of here(Africa). We reserve the right to operate in our GOD given space, go hang if you,re not comfortable with that.For your(propagandist imperialists and their tails) information,we,re coming,damn your threats (A.f.r.i.c.o.m). Long live the motherland, Long live the great leader that kicked the ass of white supremacists and racist alien, invaders on the African sphere of influence,one by one, we,ll uproot them to dry.

Author: kjrs120
Fri Jun 19 08:00:51 2009

Yes rafil and your Mugabe- idiotic madness will get you expelled from SADC. Laws of the jungle are for animals only and when humans like Mugabe try to emulate them they back-fire. Mugabe " human?" What am I thinking?

Author: kjrs120
Sat Jun 20 10:02:50 2009

Mabhiza every one of your admired leaders from Mugabe to whatever other loser, are all dictators and like a monkey , you clap, stand, sit and piss when they tell you to. Mugabe has proved himself to be a nothing in the eyes of the world and like all men who go around scrounging for cash, and a president that everyone knows to be a thief, other men ovoid them like the plague. There is no greatness in anyone who not only destroys his own country but kills his own people and causes untold suffering to his people as Mugabe has done. You can kid yourself with all the excuses you want, blame as many Westerners as you wish, but the fact will always remain that Mugabe is a dictator, thief and a murderer who has sunk the Zimbabwean ship.

Sun Jun 19 15:29:54 2011

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Mon Jan 16 15:17:29 2012

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Author: leonmatemachani
Tue Feb 21 21:12:35 2012

Leaders came from God,

People :  Morgan Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai is the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe and leader of the biggest faction of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)

Mon Jan 16 15:14:00 2012

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