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Author: chachacha
Sat Jun 13 09:01:08 2009

Zimbabweans of all walks of life should strive to work for tangible democracy, rule of law and human rights. Anything less to this benchmark leads to corruption and total unfairness. It is now important for us as Zimbabweans to work hard to eliminate all sources of corruption and prepare ourselves for equal opportunities. It is also this time that we should be realistic and do away with such stupid myths like obtaining diesel directly from the ground without the need for refineries. Our Children should now go to school so that we can develop a worthwhile resource base for the country, not what we have experienced in the past few years where pseudo war credentials qualifies one to be an economist, industrial expert or international relations expert. Let us slot ourselves appropriately within the fabric of our society and indeed in the world.

Author: mabhiza
Sat Jun 13 08:38:52 2009

Tsvangi used to claim that he held keys to unlock the economic sanctions he called for to Zimbabwe..What happenned to those keys?,The imposers have changed locks, they're refusing to lift the economic sanctions with rigid determination..All they now do is hype about humanitarian aid becoz of a guilty conscience of the untold suffering their economic embargo is inflicting on innocent zimbabweans..This western induced suffering was mearnt to catapult that evil serpent-tsvangi to power make zimbabwe a western client state ruled by white house and 10 downing street who would reverse the gains of our revolution like the land reclamation..The British and Dutch settler farmers, The United States, Britain who poured huge amounts of money into MDC never imagined the possibility of their stooge-tsvangi being in the same gvt with people they were trying to depose..Tsvangi was catapulted to premier position thru sanctions but he has failed to give his western backers what they wanted that is President Mugabe's head, and land..People of Zim will set up a new constitution that will finnally seal the land reform once and for all..

Author: Chacho
Sat Jun 13 09:19:18 2009

Mabhiza You are right brother, what MDC havs to contend with is the fact that sanctions makes a nation difficult to manage. It is sinister to assume Zimbabweans will be mesmerised by peanuts, and forget the source of our crisis.

The MDC induced sanctions have been meant to discredit Government and people of Zimbabwe will realise that true statesmanship is not brought in by illicitly inviting enemies to destroy the family silver. There are better ways of campaigning for support or sympathy. We might have been in a better position now. They are learning the hard way.

Author: afric35
Sat Jun 13 10:27:36 2009

Moyondizvo no one has to destroy you Mugabe, Zanu-pf and your loyalists to them are doing just fine on your own... Stop crying about how the rest of the world is your problems when the root of the problem is within Zimbabwe and until the root of the problem is removed no matter how much people give the people of Zim will suffer..

Author: emily_sorensen
Mon Jun 15 10:37:13 2009

Takunya, Mabhiza, Moyondizvo

Why do you create three people when we know you are only 1? You all spurt the same nonsense that you would have to be a brainwashed individual, so brainwashed that there could not possibly be more than one of you.

There is no 'economic embargo' on Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans are free to trade with whoever they chose.

Why are you so stupid to think that the fact your money is frozen in a foreign bank account has something to with the MDC? Do you think your rigging of elections, murder and torture of innocent Zimbabweans and theft of the nations coffers was going to go unnoticed by the outside world?

There are some very very stupid people in this world.

Author: Phiri
Tue Jun 16 02:34:16 2009

Awt, you too are very stupid when it comes to the word "sanctions" You loose your intellegency and become a fool, who wants to believe what they want to believe.

Author: juhlman
Tue Jun 16 03:24:46 2009


You are correct, sad to say, about "sanctions", technically..............

The limitations on the ability of companies who also do business in the U.S. also now need to consider whether trading with Zimbabwe carries risks to their U.S. business - that has a dampening effect on investment in Zimbabwe.

But for the U.S., it's an internal matter, you have no right to lecture us on who we choose or choose not to to business with.

Next, U.S. Legislation does actually require the U.S. to oppose the extension of the Balance of Payments support from the IMF to Banks in Zimbabwe - this creates a financial bottleneck for financial transactions in/out of Zimbabwe - this has an additional "chilling-effect" on those who might wish to do business in ZImbabwe.

But again, the actual "sanctions" Zimbabwe is technically facing is/are restrictions against those who have been financially involved with the continued reign of ZANU-PooF. The sanctions themselves are actually against those on the "blacklist". The rest of Zimbabwe is free to trade with the outside world.

..... albeit the lack of Balance of Payments support from the IMF makes this a difficult proposition for most Zimbabweans to actually trade with the rest of the world...........

Yeah, there ARE limited sanctions on ZImbabwe - targetted at the 200-300 or so ZANU-PooF sycophants Comrade Bob has built up into his cult of personality. That those same 200-300 people are the ONLY economic lifeline the people of Zimbabwe have at the present time is lamentable.

The "sanctions" and their corresponding "chilling-effect" on the rest of the financial markets are warning investment AND aid away from Zimbabwe at the current time.

AND, as a citizen of the United States, I have written to both of my Senators and my Representative, demanding that they deny ANY funding to development aid in Zimbabwe until greater progress has been made towards the restoration of the free right of expression and the protection of individual liberty! I also requested that they support continued and increased humanitarian aid to improve public sanitation, education and health.

Yeah, we sanctioned those who were sucking Zimbabwe dry, and those who would kiss-up to the kleptocracy would say, "you're a racist, you're a Rhoadie"! when I was neither......

"We"...... the "West"..... have merely considered with whom we do not wish to trade............. It's an "internal" matter - don't even begin to lecture US on how we should spend our foreign aid!

Yes, there ARE "sanctions". They ARE "targetted" against less than 300 people who have materially benefitted from the reign of ZANU-PooF. Because the wealth of Zimbabwe has been so concentrated into the hands of those who are friends of Comrade Bob or his ZANU-PooF sycophants (who coincidentally control most of the wealth of Zimbabwe), those "sanctions" DO have the effect of chilling the investment environment of Zimbabwe - thus, the people of Zimbabwe suffer.

My main point over these many months is exactly THAT! How is it that "sanctions" against less than 300 people can "chill" the economic ability of a people like Zimbabwe's?

Doesn't that beg the question of whether the wealth of Zimbabwe is concentrated in the hands of too few?

Yes, there ARE "sanctions". Yes, they ARE "targetted" against less than 300 supporters of ZANU-PooF/Mugabe. No, they are NOT agaist the people of Zimbabwe but the concentration of wealth in Zimbabwe effectively means the "sanctions" are felt by ALL Zimbabweans. No, NO money is coming to Zimbabwe until there is a restitution of the rule of law that the rest of us in the real world can respect.

Author: kjrs120
Tue Jun 16 07:56:59 2009

Juhlman, well said and kudos to you for taking a stand for free rights of expression and the protection of of individual liberty. I am sure your Senators and Representative have heard you loud and clear because it is after all what they too would like to see the Zimbabwean people attain. Mr Obama also deserves great praise for taking his firm stand on this very issue and not being distracted from it even though murderous Mugabe tried to sneak his minister of tourism Walter Muzembi through the back door as it were, to have a dialogue but being snubbed by Mr Obama because the unity government of Zimbabwe is only "unity" in name and not in fact as Mugabe continues not to co-operate and form a unity with MDC as was intended and vital to the survival of Zimbabwe. No one should complain or be surprised if all Western nations continue to snub Mugabe and his Zanu-Pf because of Mugabe's non-committal to change for the betterment of Zimbabweans. Even though it is very heartening that Prime Minister Tsvangirai was well received, there is no getting away from the fact that there is this dark cloak of evil Mugabe riding on his coat tails.

Author: Phiri
Fri Jun 19 15:26:49 2009


Excellent analysis and points are made in your response and about the western world in general. You are right, as a number of others have pointed out that the west has a right to do business with whom so ever they prefer. Doing business with Zimbabwe has created a bad image for American and British companies. The net results is that they have pulled out. The Western companies wanted to do business in Zimbabwe, but Mugabe increasingly made it hard for them to justify doing business in Zimbabwe, especially under human rights violations and intimidation within Zimbabwe.

Author: peterb
Sat Jun 13 09:45:15 2009

The PM has done all he can at this point in time under much provocation fraud and stonewalling from the old man Mugabe & his cronies. Morgan has the keys to the future but untill Mugabe goes the future will be bleak.

Wake up Zimbabweans, Mugabe is the problem, not the west or any others

Regards, Peter

Author: mabhiza
Sat Jun 13 10:45:27 2009

Peterb, you don't understand..The real fact is that Americans and Britons want Pres Mugabe to go becoz they see him as the stumbling block in their efforts to fulfill their racist neo-colonial agendas towards zimbabwe..As far as the western countries are concerned, the deposition of president Mugabe is not enough revenge against people of Zim..After removing him, Americans would want to turn the nation into another Zaire, they would loot, using a mobutu like proxy-puppet regime..After deposing pres mugabe , they would want to make zim a client state that has no regard to its own revolution & its values of independence..Real power of zim governance would be lying in the pentagon, white house and 10 downing street..Peterb, so u think that all that filthy money white farmers poured into the MDC over the last decade was for democracy, human rights, rule of law, whatever???You have to wake up and revisit your conscience, MDC was used as proxies by racists who were reacting against our land reclamation movement &in the process they left a trail of socio-economic destruction against their own country..Tsvangi, a retarded bastard allowed himself to be ridden like a horse by Americans and Britons...Suppose, the MDC is catapulted to power,you think white farmers will just say,'ah fine we don't want to take the farms back, all we want is democracy, human rights , rule of law etc?"This is where the tragedy is at, an inevitable clash of interests between white backers and some blacks in the MDC..Tsvangi, becoz of his stupidity will be caught in a catch 22 situation whereby the white farmers and their European governments will be demanding land and control of other resources while at the same time we zimbabweans will be fiercely defending our land and control of our resources..You can never have the same interests with Americans and Britons as far as your resources and your country's independence are concerned...The MDC were used by racist regimes in United States and europe who wanted to subbotage the land reform programme at all costs, and teach other africans a lesson that this is what will happen to you if you take land from european settlers..If they had left land reform to succeed it would have set a 'bad precedent' to other africans and it would have sparked the land reclamation movements throughtout africa and trigger a spirit of defiance and resistance to white supremacists..So Peterb you have to wake up and know that removal of pres mugabe is not enough for the western countries becoz they will demand more b4 their wounds are healed...

Author: emily_sorensen
Sat Jun 13 12:16:29 2009

Everyone meet the Resident Idiot... Resident Idiot...this is everyone...

Author: Francesco Sinibaldi
Sat Jun 13 18:52:04 2009

Written in my heart.

I've gone near the sound of an open aspect waiting for a blackbird, and now, while the north wind appears with a delicate care, I follow the sun....

Francesco Sinibaldi

Author: papa nyods
Mon Jun 15 08:25:11 2009

Morgen have got the keys to a better Zim but Mugabe is bussy welding the locks

Author: prem
Sat Jun 13 09:53:37 2009

Lunatic mahbiza can only dream about sanctions. Sanctions aimed at individuals of Mugabe's corrupt regime have helped brought about the GNU, which is giving Zimbos a new hope that things would be better soon.

Obama is right to support Tsvangirai against tyrant Mugabe. Tsvangirai has a strategy to outdo ZANU-PF across the country come elections! It's the GNU that is enabling MDC to reach the people.

Criminal Mugabe and his thugs are in a fix! How would they prevent Tsvangirai to succeed. The world is watching. A wrong step by Mugabe against Tsvangirai will definitely bring the criminal before the ICC.

Mugabe's days if misrule and corrupt practices are counted!

Zimbos, you can start breathing afresh. Just disregard Mugabe's bootlickers!

Author: afric35
Sat Jun 13 10:23:39 2009

mahbiza is you had a brain you would be dangerous listen to yourself the US promised 73 million in humanitarian and economic aid the only thing it does not go into government hand no matter if they are MDC or Zanu-pf. You see what you tend to neglect si to admit this unity government has proved nothing so far and are still not unified. So anyone that has a brain will not give to a government such as the one in Zim right now. You know the very reason of the problem but you neglect it because you are part of the problem...

So go get a job and life that does not involve writing because you are a poor excuse for that because you cannot even prove your own point!!

Author: Mai Misodzi
Sat Jun 13 12:52:08 2009

Mabhiza you go around and writing trash about your knowledge of the revolution. Is it not true that you are a fake war veteran chancing on the organized stupidity created in the country? If you were a genuine revolutionary cadre you should be proud of Zimbabwe entering the global scenario to usher the vast talents and resource it has. Uri mbavha ka iwe? No sane person follows your ideas go to hell.

Author: George Warren
Sat Jun 13 18:56:55 2009

I'm liking President Obama more and more. This is great news. Money directly to the people so Bob can't get his thieving paws on it. He must be screaming by now. President Obama has my total respect in making this great desicion and is 231 million % behind Morgan. Bob gets nothing.Pamberi ne Barak and Morgan.

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